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I took extensive lessons over several yearsvwith Mike Austin. We became great buddies. I created a blog called mentored by the legend to share what he taught as there were a lot of imposters hawking his name. The blog has lot of free videos of real lessons with Mike. You can obtain a real feel for his instruction and his personality. Brilliant guy, cantankerous at times, but a great golf treasure. Enjoy!
I was actually only going about 75% with that iron. Mike's teaching allowed you to utilize the levers of the body efficiently and freely. As he put it, he wanted "supple quickness, not rigid slowness." The club head was swinging at great speeds. I was not. Mike was a member of the 350 Club, American's long driving team. At over 65 years of age, he averaged 312 yards. For some examples of what it was like to be taught by Mike see www.mentoredbythelegend.com
I can tell you one thing - Mike was a genius and strong as a bull. I spent over 5 years with him. Effortless power and accuracy were the results.
Mike was an amazing character and brilliant teacher. I had the good fortune of working with him for years. His methods resulted in effortless power and accuracy. Correctly taught, the concept was proper use of the 12 levers with no stress. There's been so much incorrect info I am putting out detailed info at www.mentoredbythelegend.com Here's an example of my swing under his watchful eye:
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