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ok.... so I went out golfing yesterday and tryed the Par lay driver.... it was horrible and due to the 1960's grip and shorter shaft i ended up throwing the club nearly as far as the ball went.... not a good driver hahaha.
drglew...... thank you very much, that is the identical driver to what i have. I wont lie i was hoping it would be a rare collectors club but none the less it is old. I am going to hang on to it to see how it will work on par 3s and 4s since it doesnt appear to be a long distance driver. It will definatly be a conversation starter with the guys i golf with when they see it. I appreciate they effort used it finding this club, I searcdhed online for 2 days but couldnt...
I have recently picked up a set of clubs (used) and one of them is apparently a driver since it says driver on the club... I have asked everyone i know and searched the driver up online but cannot seem to find anything about it. Its pretty old cause i looked up the address to the company and they are no longer in business. It is a ( "par" lay ) driver that looks like an iron from a company called Practical Golfrers Aid. The address of the company was 66rospect st. ...
This was not mine but my girlfriends, we were at the driving range and her best shot was straight into a goose.... she hunts with her driver and tee hahaha
I'd say Jack... he didnt have to enchance his vision through eye surgery
I am a student at John A logan college in southern Il, I am new to golf but enjoy it alot.
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