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I am not sure that I am qualified to answer your questions since those are things I do instinctively and don't like to consciously think about. I had a episode of the shanks last year with my wedges which are normally very reliable clubs for me, happened 4 times in one round. I spent a couple of hours on the range a few days later hitting nothing but wedges, for me the problem was I was getting too much weight on my toes on the downswing which caused me to move closer to...
I am a fan of Micheal Breed, I know that quite a few people hate that guy but his energy appeals to me. I do like Martin Halls show as well, love the "tools" he uses to emphasize his points.
Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel or Brittany Lincicome
I am a huge ManU fan and have been forever. I was born just outside Manchester and visited Old Trafford many times before moving to Canada. I would hope that they will prevail in that match but Barca is not an easy team to play against.
A few weeks ago I was searching for a new driver, I had no specific brand in mind and wanted to try a number of different options. I tested the following all on a simulator in no particular order, not the ideal way to demo clubs but outdoor testing facilities were not available, I did also take my current driver with me as a comparison:   Callaway Diablo Octane Callaway Razr Hawk Titleist 910D2 and D3 TM R11 TM Burner SuperFast 2.0 Ping G15 and K15 Nike...
Greater Toronto Area: This, so far, has got to be the wettest and coolest Spring I have experienced. It seems that there is a threat of rain daily with cooler temps than normal. I have yet to get out and play golf this year, seen a golf course since I work at one which is open but the conditions are quite wet. Hopefully things will improve after this week which is forecasted to see heavy rain up to Friday.
titleistforlife, here is a link to an article that is from The Sand Trap . . .    http://thesandtrap.com/b/bag_drop/how_to_remove_and_save_grips
I am a Mike Weir fan but his game has disappeared, some of that could certainly be attributed to his nagging injuries. His stats are brutal as noted above, really I cannot foresee him ever returning to the form he had previously.
Me too!
Bought myself another putter, like I really needed another one!!  TM Ghost 880 Tour otherwise known as a Maranello.  
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