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It is certainly possible to have a putter cut down, the overall weight will be slightly different but that has not really been an issue for me. There are ways to add weight back if you feel you need to do that, the easiest would be to use lead tape. The grip, in most cases, could be removed, saved and reused . . . any competent golf shop should be able to do this for you.
Congrats on your victory!
Bridgestone E5 is a good choice, it is a 2 piece ball with a urethane cover so it will provide some spin on those shots to the green. It is priced in the $25 range for a dozen.
Wow, those are awful!
I have a few non favorites in no particular order:   DLIII Tom Lehman Justin Leonard TWoods
I will take a pic later today.
I have not used any of those you listed but if you can try a Titleist 909H it is is worth a look. I have the 24 degree, it works well for me. I did own the Adams Super Black hybrid (19 degree) referenced above by "ratherBgolfing" and did not like it at all, the 909H was longer and more consistent IMO.
I have been using a Players towel, size is 22" X 40".
Using a Mizuno Twister, not the lightest stand bag by far but works well for me.
I have to go with Paula although she shares that name with my first wife.
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