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I bought 3 dozen Bridgestones on Saturday, there was a 4 day sale here on all golf balls with the exception of ProV1 or V1x, buy 2 dozen get 1 dozen free, too hard to pass on that deal.
I think it looks good, I really don't mind the white color at all. I had a white driver a few years back, it was called White Lightning, cannot remember who made it (component manufacturer). It was different from the norm, I like different.  
He struggled on the back nine yesterday but has a lot of game, great distance and looks to be a solid putter. He managed to hang in there and got the win, nice job!!
Well since you have been using the same clubs for most of the time since 2004 you definitely do not fall into the category of club ho. If you want to make a switch then just do it, try a number of different clubs before making the change because it seems like you will likely be playing them for a number of years, just be comfortable with your decision and enjoy!
I agree, when using sims in stores you must take some of your own equipment to. Sims can be off for sure, adjustments can be made to inflate the numbers, knowing how far you hit your own clubs is the only way to figure it out.
The way others putt does not bother me at all, whatever works for them is fine by me. I tend to watch only those people who are good putters. 
I have watched it a few times so far, it is really boring. I can't see it lasting but TGC programming sucks these days so it may survive longer than it should.
I am about 5/10 at this time, realistically I have about 3-3.5 more months before golf season starts here. Winter so far has been good, only a small amount of snow like 2010, I managed to get out on April 1st last year which was the earliest in many years. I have a new set of irons coming, probably delivered early next week so I will be heading to the heated outdoor range when they arrive to see if I made a mistake with my purchase.
Great shot by Bubba, nice way to finish his round.
Picked up 2 dozen TP Blacks a week ago, I still love those golf balls, I may need to get some more in case they disappear off the shelves.
New Posts  All Forums: