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I think the 9 degree would be work ok, you have the ability to adjust the loft, some experimentation would be required. I am also a 9.5 degree user when it comes to drivers, I will try the R11 when they are available here to see if it fits me. I tend to hit the ball fairly high anyway so the 9 degree would probably be ok for my swing. I love the look of this driver but it all comes down to feel and accuracy for me. The white color has certainly grown on me, it looked...
I have owned both of those, the G10s are very forgiving and provide great help on mishits. Having said that, the wide soles of the g10s drove me crazy, just not a good fit for me. I should have gone with the i10s at that time. The 2009 VR full cavity have a cleaner look, narrower sole and were a better fit for me bit I hated the stock shafts which ballooned most of the time for me, sold those to a friend and he loves them. Go try them both and make your decision based on...
Currently using Cameron Kombi S, I decided I needed a mallet style putter for a while. The 007X Morgan is not far away though.
I felt the need to add a pic of a hottie from a few years back, it was taken in 2004 but I always found this pic to be very appealing to my tastes. This is David Toms' wife from an SI shoot....
TW (although I am not a fan) and Zach would be my picks, the other 2 I am not sure about. AK would have been my obvious 3rd choice but he is struggling since his return from injury so he gets to stay home. Others I like that have not been to the Ryder Cup previously are Ryan Palmer and Rickie Fowler. A case could be made for either Cink or Glover but I like the idea of having "new" guys on the team.
Yesterday I bought 2 Callaway Tech Series gloves, it was time for replacement. I thought about buying some TM Blacks but did not bother, I likely have enough golf balls for the rest of this season.
You are correct, it was Chad who showed up in Hawaii but had not registered for the tournament, seems like he needs to get organised.
I use the standard grip method (reverse overlap) when putting but have experimented with left hand low over the past couple of years. It does feel a bit weird at first but I got used to it after a few rounds. I often will use both methods during a round primarily using left hand low on shorter putts (10' or less) and conventional on longer putts. Left hand low puts my shoulders more level which does help with shorter putts, I find I have a better feel for distance...
I purchased GolfShot from the app store, going to give it test this coming weekend. Yesterday I also received my MiLi Power Pack so I have zero concerns about battery issues, looking forward to trying this app on course.
Nice, Bubba is awesome!!
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