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Bigtank is correct . . .when Eye2s were introduced orange code was 2° flat. The color codes remained the same for many years. Recently (2 years ago) Ping changed the color chart by adding another choice (purple) which resulted in a slight change to the lie angles. Orange is now 2.25° flat.
Ditto and reasonably priced. I have always been a fan of the E5 and would not hesitate to use them again. I used a version of the Nike Vapor last year, just no comparison when comparing spin with the E5, distance is very similar. The new TriSpeed Tour is pretty good, better than the regular TriSpeed but none of these balls will spin as much as premium priced balls. If you want to move up a little in price you could try the TP Black, slightly higher ball flight than some...
Nothing wrong with his opinion. Rory has the confidence to play anyone, TW has struggled all year and could be primed for a loss but you never know. I am looking forward to watching the Ryder Cup this year as always.
Changing putters is ok for some people, others will say it is makes it difficult to be a consistent putter. I change whenever I feel the urge, I have 13 putters at this time. It is important to use a putter that feels right to you and is visually appealing. For me a putter has to have both of those qualities.
I bought the Marxman version about 1 month ago, loved it in the store but on the course was a different matter. I simply did not look right to my eye. I took it back and traded it in for a Kombi S which looks much better/feels better to me. I have many putters, was looking for a mallet as a diversion from my anser style putters, the Backstryke did not do it for me.
Interesting thread. I have been looking into a golf GPS app for my iPhone, it seems like GolfShot has a lot of fans. $29.99 is fine with me since it is a one time fee. I pay more for golf balls than that!!
Anywhere between 60-115 yards, that puts some loft of wedge in my hands. If I have to lay up I usually try for 100 yards.
They are very nice wedges, the black finish does wear and eventually you will develop rust. I like the way they feel/play.
I agree, there needs to be a change for 2015. Either they control the spectators (keep them out of bunkers) or designate some bunkers as waste areas(those outside the ropes). It is sad when this type of thing happens, it puts a black eye on what otherwise was a good event to watch.
I could not have said that any better. Gray should be shunned by all the players not only this week but afterwards. He would be more suited to report for the National Enquirer.
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