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I was thinking the same thing. Since you would use a 5 iron if the hole was level I would think either a 7 or 8 iron should work. Let us know what happens.
Agreed, it is too bad there is no standardization between manufacturers which would make shaft comparisons a lot easier. Personally I use R flex irons and woods/hybrid but my driver says stiff but in reality seems somewhere between regular and firm.
I must admit to a multiple putter obsession, I have always been this way related to putters which I absolutely love. I have had many putters over the years, I use them, sell them and buy others to replace them. My current arsenal of 13 putters is as follows: Cameron Kombi S (newest addition) Byron Morgan 007X Mystic Pearl Byron Morgan 006 Black Ox Byron Morgan Bombora Proto Machine M2A Converter Yes Dawn Milled Slighter Needle Ping Anser 4 BeCu (oldest...
At this time I would go with Rory. It really depends on how AK is after his surgery, are there any post surgery issues?? We will have to wait and see.
Bought 2 gloves yesterday, it was time.
I write down the actual number and use circles and squares for birdies and bogeys.
Nothing wrong with Vokeys, I have owned quite a few and still carry a limited edition 60M made by Bob. I have also owned a lot of Clevelands, still have 52° and 58° gunmetal DSG wedges as my backups. Currently I am using the MP T-10s by Mizuno, also fine wedges. There really is no "best", it comes down to what works for you and what you prefer.
I need a glove, I am one of those guys who has sweaty hands during the hot and humid days, I find the glove helps.
I don't, usually too busy looking for my own golf ball.
That is the way to do it, enjoy the walk the rest of the time.
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