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Ditto, if you put a good stroke on the ball it can behave eratically due to aeration holes.
Posssible but not likely. City have always been the 2nd class team in Manchester. United is still the #1 team in that city.
Very good!! Way too many blatant fouls in the final game, I wanted the Dutch to win this one but Spain played better, they have the ability to shut down a pretty powerful offensive team. I guess I have to wait another 4 years to see a better outcome.
I have not carried a 3 iron for several years, replaced by hybrid(s). I do own a 4 iron currently with my MX-200s but it does not come out to play often, most times it is not in the bag. The 4 iron gets to play on courses which I have played previously, tight, very unforgiving places where I know it has its' uses. I find a 22° or 24° hybrid more useful for my abilities.
If you like them then go ahead, the difference in feel is worth it IMO. If the shafts in the 200s work for you I see no reason for you not to proceed. I have the 200s, not the first set of Mizunos for me though, I love the feel, playability and looks. The stock shafts were not a good fit for me so I upgraded to KBS Tour, smooth feeling with a nice trajectory.
I tried one a couple of days ago, while I like the white color I am not a fan of that particular model.
I use irons covers on my irons when transporting the bag to and from the course. I take them off at the course, you will get some bag chatter marks when carrying or riding in a golf cart but you will also get them simply by using your clubs on the course.
Here is a site with lots of info about handicapping, course rating, slope etc.
Hard to answer that, it really comes down to your current ballfilight.
I like them also, some provide a greater adjustment than others. My ZL driver only has 3 adjustments, I tried all 3 of them and settled on the open setting, doubtful I will change that. I have used others over the past few years (), again I liked to ability to change the weights around to arrive at a set up which worked for me.
New Posts  All Forums: