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Mine is self explanatory, love the brand, I finally got back to a set of irons that I really enjoy.
Reverse overlap grip for me.
I do the same thing, much safer when they are in the house.
I have been using TaylorMade drivers exclusively for the last 4-5 years, this year I went on a hunt for something else. I tried several drivers including the FT-iZ, Diablo Edge Tour, Ping G15 and I15, Cleveland DST and the Cobra ZL. For me, the ZL was the best fit, launch angle and direction were great, the sound is much better than in past years. I have never been a fan of Cobra drivers until now.
I do spend a fair amount of time "carpet putting", my carpet is pretty fast but I do it to work on my stroke. I work on speed when I get to the course before a round.
Using a distance ball by its' very nature you will experience less spin and the ability to hold it on a green. Of the balls you mentioned I prefer the Bridgestone E5, reasonably priced with a urethane cover which helps to impart spin. The E5 will not spin as much as a ProV1, Srixon Z-Star or TM TP Black but they do cost less.
I always use a tee for iron shots, Nicklaus is not wrong.
You still get chatter although a little less than bags without dividers.
Some good suggestions in this thread. I thought about getting a personalized plate and finally did approx. 6 years ago. What got me thinking about it was likely the best plate I have ever seen. I was in the car preparing to go into a golf store ( no surprise there) and saw a BMW with H823PUTT. We can have up to 8 letters or numbers here. I got to thinking and came up with 5 different ones, good thing I did as the first 4 choices on my list were already taken here, my...
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