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When I hit them well:   Driver - 220-230 3 iron - 165-170 4 iron - 155-160 5 iron - 145-150 6 iron - 135-140 7 iron  - 130ish 8 iron -  125  9 iron - 120 PW - 100-110 SW - 75-80
Here's an updated swing...I've moved my hands a little further away from my body during my backswing, which has decreased my shanks significantly but has not improved my ball striking a great deal:  
Alright, here's a video:  
I'll get you guys a video when I go to the range tomorrow.
I've been trying to figure this out for a few years.  I bought my driver in '09 (Nike SQ SUMO 5000, 13* loft) and got immediate results.  I was hitting it dead straight and as far as I'd ever hit a golf ball.  Then the next year, something happened and ever since I've been unable to hit the club right.  I've literally only hit 2 or 3 good drives since then.  I have a bad slice and almost all of my drives barely make it off the ground, obviously limiting my distance....
Thanks for the tips...I'll work on my takeaway the next range session I take.  Here's another video of me hitting my SW yesterday before I read these replies:  
1. Consistency 2. Not being able to hit as long as I'd like to 3. Too many fat shots   Speaking of which, if you have any pointers please divert your attention to my swing thread.
Paid around $40 with a cart to play Bucknell Golf Club in PA...most of the time I try to play courses in the $25-$30 range.
-The guy who gives you "lessons" without you asking for them...so annoying as I already have enough in my head about my swing.   -The guy who ignores golf etiquette...I have a friend who, while putting, putts first and finishes until he holes it regardless of if he was furthest from the hole to start or not...all of us have to wait until he finishes.
Basically I'm looking to fix these things in particular: -my slice/fade -posture -my outside-in swing -lack of swing speed/distance Any help is greatly appreciated.
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