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The internets are strong with you.
 I want to say Santa Monica, but I'll find out and let you know.
   You guys are awesome.  Must be on the West Coast?  Nice to meet you.
I'll have to sit this one out then, since that's the only weekend I can't make.  But I'll stay subscribed in case the date changes.  I don't think my friend in SoCal will be able to make the Palm Springs event anyway, so the summer one may be a better fit anyway (he's coastal, I believe).
If possible, I hope to avoid the weekend of May 2nd, since I just committed to something for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.
For the love of spaghetti, please all of you west coasters vote for blue.  It's my favorite color, and red really doesn't bring my eyes out quite the same way.
Hey guys.  Has there been a new thread created for another event?  What's the schedule looking like for 2015?  I have a buddy who just moved to Santa something in SoCal, so I was hoping to get him out to one of these.
   Nothing has changed, really.  The flow chart I believe is the exact same as it was a couple years back.  It's still somewhat dubious, and I think intentionally so.  I could make the argument that my smartphone is legally being used when I play, but I know if I was in any serious tournament, I wouldn't use it due to the possibility of it being questioned and having a ruling go against me.  I do believe the "spirit" of the rule is to disallow any phones that have...
 I would think for that one to be prohibited, the left hand and top of the grip would be in contact with the chest/stomach, creating the anchor point.  The way I read his post, only the forearm is contacting his stomach.  I don't think the left hand is really a "pivot point" because it seems like it's actually moving.  But I could be reading it wrong.
I did some light agility work! 
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