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 Some of us are already 0-2 in that department .   It happens.  The key is to remember it's not a catastrophic failure when it happens.  As somebody who goes through this cycle almost every year, for the past decade, I feel I've almost mastered this.  
I won't be able to sprint for at least another few weeks. Baby steps.
Elliptical machine for 10 minutes!   First non-biking cardio in 4 months!!!
"You got screwed!" aka "I can't believe that didn't go in!" Really means: 
I'm going to take a simplistic and narrow view in response to the question: distance is not that important for amateurs because you can always select a shorter set of tees.  And most public courses I've played have middle tees that aren't very long at all.
I missed this thread the first time around.  Wish I could have participated in it back when it was a hot topic.  But I guess it's at least refreshing to see that the majority here didn't buy into the FUD circulated by some of our politicians and media outlets and their calls for restricting aid and travel.
At private and more upscale clubs, I've noticed two things:   1) Shirts must be tucked in, and 2) Hats must be taken off indoors.   Most public, relaxed courses, you won't have to worry about this.
 It doesn't look good for me.  Seems like my recovery is a bit slow and I'm still not able to put a lot of weight on my knee yet.  I think I'll probably have to sit this one out.
I agree that most slow players don't know they're slow.  It's an awareness issue, IMO.  This is slightly different from an education issue, because it's likely they know how to speed up, if necessary, and most of the time they know what a slow pace of play is.  They simply don't think they're the problem, or realize that certain parts of their routine are a direct contributor to slow play.   That is one of the reasons why it's actually the most difficult to tell these...
 That's kind of a meaningless statement.  Are they the "most powerful" because of marriage equality trends across the country?  Or because of growing media trends covering more LGBT issues?  What real power does that 'bloc' have?  Keep in mind that basic civil rights aren't (or at least shouldn't be, in a democratic republic) a manifestation of power.
New Posts  All Forums: