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 I don't really think there was any reason to point out it wasn't racist.  That kinda defeats the purpose  Anyway, I do believe that is an English thing.  In America it would be "axe".  Can I axe you a question?  Probably has to do with the difference in accents and enunciation.
3 leg lifts.  Four minutes each.  Whew!
 Reminds me of a joke my friend messaged to me a few weeks ago that his mathematician brother in law told to him.  Except he remembered it incorrectly.  This is what he sent: "Three mathematicians walk into a bar.  Bartender asks them, "does anybody want a beer?"  The first mathematician says, "I don't know."  The second also says, "I don't know."  The third says, "yes."" Now, he's texting these to me to see if I get them, because he doesn't.  Because I'm always talking...
 I would agree with most of that, but I also think that's why, when he's not swinging well, he falls so far out of contention in a way that Tiger didn't as often as Rory has (through this point in their careers)*.  Basically, Rory's success is heavily reliant on that driver because he does hit it so often.  Tiger had a bit of a higher floor because he would/could go back to the stinger.  Granted: it isn't a great time to talk about Rory's floor being lower when he took two...
Lots of stationary bike-riding for me.  Hit a low of 167.2lbs last week, even though I can't run anymore.  Lots of wall-sits and upper-body/core exercises lately have kept me feeling like I'm still working out.
It will have to be next year for me, guys.  Knee surgery coming up next week will leave me out of commission for a few months.
Looks like I missed out on the nominations!  Oh well, good luck to both nominees and I hope you get a lot out of it.  I can honestly say that it did help me a lot, but unfortunately I can't follow through with it due to an upcoming knee surgery (non golf related).  But as soon as I'm able I plan on getting back to what was taught and putting up more videos to show real progress.     A word of advice is to make use of the mirror at home before going to the course.  Having...
You guys will have to count me out.  I cannot swing a club right now and may be coming off of knee surgery sometime around this date, depending on what the MRI shows on Friday.  Maybe later this year.
 Where do you hail from?
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