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 Great win for her career...but I don't think she's moving any needles.
 Surely that was a four man scramble, and not a best ball, right? I played in a four man scramble 2 weeks ago on a tough course (with no string and a max of 2 mulligans per person) and three or four groups shot sub 56 with one group shooting a 52.  Ridiculous.  My group had 3 single-digit golfers and myself, played very well, and shot a 68 while missing 4 birdie opportunities.  I will never play in a 4 man scramble event unless, like two weeks ago, I simply consider it a...
 This might be the best option.  Maybe have one of these outings where it truly is just the grown ups.  The other 2-3 times each season, anything goes (including guests, etc).   I really don't care either way, but I see the appeal of an "adult" outing.  As long as I don't have to treat anybody with kiddie gloves, I'm fine :-)
Wow, big group for this one!  Nice.   I'm not sure if the timing of this one works for me, and I probably can only make one more this year since that's all I have in the budget .  When do you need to know for sure?   By the way, thanks for tagging me.
 I believe that it's quite significant and substantive.
26th is iffy for me, only because I may have another golf commitment that day.  3rd is wide open so far.
 I had to LOL, I couldn't help it.
 Indeed.  Now I know what I want for my Sunday dinner this weekend.
Definitely Jambalaya.  For everything else, not sure.  I'd have to put more thought into it.  I've had skirt steak a few times, and when the sauce/marinade is right, it is very tasty.  But Jambalaya is the main course.
 Hmmm, more time to work on golf?  I was curious about getting a part time job at a course several years ago, wondering if it would give me more time/access to use the course facilities for practice. Anyway, does this mean the business is on hold, or what?
New Posts  All Forums: