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   Nothing has changed, really.  The flow chart I believe is the exact same as it was a couple years back.  It's still somewhat dubious, and I think intentionally so.  I could make the argument that my smartphone is legally being used when I play, but I know if I was in any serious tournament, I wouldn't use it due to the possibility of it being questioned and having a ruling go against me.  I do believe the "spirit" of the rule is to disallow any phones that have...
 I would think for that one to be prohibited, the left hand and top of the grip would be in contact with the chest/stomach, creating the anchor point.  The way I read his post, only the forearm is contacting his stomach.  I don't think the left hand is really a "pivot point" because it seems like it's actually moving.  But I could be reading it wrong.
I did some light agility work! 
 Some of us are already 0-2 in that department .   It happens.  The key is to remember it's not a catastrophic failure when it happens.  As somebody who goes through this cycle almost every year, for the past decade, I feel I've almost mastered this.  
I won't be able to sprint for at least another few weeks. Baby steps.
Elliptical machine for 10 minutes!   First non-biking cardio in 4 months!!!
"You got screwed!" aka "I can't believe that didn't go in!" Really means: 
I'm going to take a simplistic and narrow view in response to the question: distance is not that important for amateurs because you can always select a shorter set of tees.  And most public courses I've played have middle tees that aren't very long at all.
I missed this thread the first time around.  Wish I could have participated in it back when it was a hot topic.  But I guess it's at least refreshing to see that the majority here didn't buy into the FUD circulated by some of our politicians and media outlets and their calls for restricting aid and travel.
At private and more upscale clubs, I've noticed two things:   1) Shirts must be tucked in, and 2) Hats must be taken off indoors.   Most public, relaxed courses, you won't have to worry about this.
New Posts  All Forums: