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Looks like I missed out on the nominations!  Oh well, good luck to both nominees and I hope you get a lot out of it.  I can honestly say that it did help me a lot, but unfortunately I can't follow through with it due to an upcoming knee surgery (non golf related).  But as soon as I'm able I plan on getting back to what was taught and putting up more videos to show real progress.     A word of advice is to make use of the mirror at home before going to the course.  Having...
You guys will have to count me out.  I cannot swing a club right now and may be coming off of knee surgery sometime around this date, depending on what the MRI shows on Friday.  Maybe later this year.
 Where do you hail from?
I was hoping to post a end-of-lesson update, however I did something to my knee at the gym a couple days ago and the doc wants me to take a couple more days off.  I don't think I could make a regular swing right now.  As long as there isn't any swelling I should be fine in a few days to post some follow-up stuff.
 I'd love to be able to simply make up an alternate reality myself sometimes.  It would help some days pass by easier.
Real estate is precious and high priced in San Fran.  Some of the highest value per sq ft in the nation, if not the highest.  I doubt you will find driving ranges that cater to the <1% of the world's population in driving distance.  You will likely either have to find a place outside of San Fran (using Google Earth again, because even in Sacramento there aren't many that stretch out 300+ yards AND have a net), or stop worrying about your driver at the range when you're...
I'll work on that today and tomorrow.  I don't think it's a translation issue as much as it is me being able to get my body to do the things I see.  When I focus on the lower half, my head and arms start doing whatever they want, and vice versa.  I feel like I'm starting to understand it finally for the first time, though.  Understanding how the pieces work together.  And I feel like I have things I can work on for the next few months.   I'll also focus on the grip.  It...
    While I still may not be loading enough weight on my left knee (?), adjusting the grip made a world of difference over the past two days in terms of making contact with the ball.  Typically I've been making solid contact (where the ball goes 30+ yards) around 20% of the time, but the past two days it was more like 70%.   It feels really weird still, but I've been trying to point the "V" of my right hand extremely to the right.  It still works it's way left just...
I admire the patience of you guys as instructors 
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