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Okay......   I will check into lessons. Something I've been thinking of doing anway seeing as I've never had one.   But for sh#ts and giggles. Which club would you suggest?
So I'm sure that this topic has been covered before but here goes.....   I'm looking at buying new clubs. I'm looking at two possible avenues, used and Gigagolf. For used I've been going to golf stores and trying out different kinds of clubs to get an idea of what I like and then looking for deals on used ones.   For Gigagolf I thought I would buy a club to see what I think since their so cheap.   On to the question at hand......   Right now I have a 56...
Thanks for the reply. I think the "Clones vs Brand names" argument is starting to make sense to me. First and foremost I am a musician, specifically a guitarist and the same debate can be found in that arena as well. After a lot of research and discussion on guitars I basically came to the following conclusion....   If you have the money to spend then why wouldn't you buy a name brand guitar? For example an American made Fender Stratocaster(think Jimi Hendrix, Eric...
Good point
The closest Golfsmith is about an hour and a half from me, but there is a Golf Galaxy about 45 mins from me. Like I said the Cleveland felt AMAZING in my hands, just had a harder time hitting it. Then again it was a GI set and the Callaway set were SGIs.   Back on the consitancy issue I would have to say that the Nike set was the most consistent and the farthest, but I hit them with a consitant draw.
Gotcha... to be honest I meant that the callaway's stayed the closest to center. I did hit some of the other clubs with a pretty consistent draw, which was weird cause on the course I usually slice.
The problem is that I don't know my swing speed. When I was at Dick's Sporting Goods the computer read the club head swing and it went everywhere from 48 to 68 mph(and possibly more, to honest I wasn't paying that close of attention). I was hitting 7 irons with steel shafts.   My age is 31, I am fairly strong (for my height of 5'5") and I'll have to get back to you on the driver flex and 8 iron flex.   I want to say that I hit my 8 iron around 150 yards.
So I finally had an excuse to get to a Dick's sporting goods and test hit a couple of different irons. Here's what I found...   My favorite "feel" was a set of Cleveland game improvement irons(I believe they were the CG16 Black Pearl Irons), but I wasn't very consistent with them   I really liked the Callaway Diablo Edge - R, definitely the most consistent   I also liked the Nike VrS irons. Not as consistent as the Callaway's but I hit those the...
I'm looking at getting new clubs and I'm not sure if I should get regular flex, stiff, etc...etc...etc...   So what is the best way to know which to get? I'm sure heading to a golf store would be the best, but the closest that would be able to tell me is at least 30 mins away. So is there a way to do this on my own? Would it help if I posted a video of my swing?   Or do I need to suck it up and make the trip to a professional golf store
So I was at Dick's Sporting Goods trying out some new irons. When the sales associate setup the computer for the "driving range" he took a couple of shots to make sure it was up and running. I noticed that he bent WAY over at his waist to hit the ball as opposed to myself as I stand fairly straight up.   Are these just different techniques? Or is one way better than the other?   By the way he claimed that he usually shot in the 70's...   Thoughts?
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