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I thought it might be something for putting, but it has a standard Cleveland grip on it.
Found this the other day, has anyone ever seen one, or have any idea what it is used for? It is about the length of a 7 iron and has a regular grip on it. It is made by Cleveland .
I am a huge Gators fan and a huge Tebow fan and i will be the first to say that he is not a great QB, but he is a winner.  He finds a way to get the job done, and i think the most important reason that he is winning is because he has inspired his team. 
I am looking for a set 3-pw of Titleist 695 cb or possibly a set of 710 cb.  i have a set 3-pw of AP 2"s i would be willing to trade
thats what i was thinking
I have a titleist 910 5 wood that i don't like, i want ti get a 910 hybrid.  My question is do they sell just the hybrid heads? and if they do, is there a reason why i couldn't put it on the shaft if the 5 wood
Did anyone else notice that before the show, they say this episode is brought to you by Bridgestone.  And he is all of the sudden wearing a Bridgestone hat.  Seems a little weird to me
I carry a 2 iron, and love it whenever my driver is not acting right, i can pull it and hit it about 240-250 down the middle
There are alot of people against Tiger here, but awhile  back when there was a golfer elimination thread, didn't Tiger win?
The only time I have seen Bubba cry is when he is talking about his dad or when he thought his wife had cancer.  That does not make him a crying baby.  he's human cut him some slack  
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