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  Sorry for not being clear.   Here's what I'm doing to open the club face.   1. I don't change the grip strength relative to my body. In other words, I see the same number of knuckles at address.  2. At address, I rotate the club clockwise 30 degrees. At the end, my thumb is at the 1 o'clock position relative to the club but 2 o'clock relative to my body. Hence club face is open at address but at impact it squares relative to my swing (in-out) path.    Hope this clarifies.
To answer your questions,   1. The position of my club face mentioned above (1 vs 12 o'clock) is at address with my normal hand position. 2. As stated in the OP, if I     1. open stance 2. open face (face pointing 1 o'clock, 12 being the target line) 3. stand closer to the ball (helps keeping the tush line) 4. intentionally hit a cut   then with a smooth swing, the ball flight is straight and lands about 5 yards right of target with 6i. My natural misses with this setup...
  My thumb was about at 2 o'clock. If I put my thumb at 1 o'clock, then the club face opens to 1 o'clock with my old setup. This is what I meant by    "2. open face (face pointing 1 o'clock, 12 being the target line)"
I have been suffering a big snap hook with my mid irons for a long time. I have been trying to fix this the last 30 days with a squared setup. But my shots still end up 30 yards left of target more often than not. About 20%, I may hit a nice draw to the target.   The only way for me to hit straight (like an arrow) is   1. open stance 2. open face (face pointing 1 o'clock, 12 being the target line) 3. stand closer to the ball (helps keeping the tush line) 4....
Isn't it easier to get up and down from short right of green than long left for a righty?   Most greens are sloped from back to front. And it's easier to give clockwise side spin. So I think it will be easier to stop the ball playing from short right of green.    Am I wrong?
What is your normal shot shape and miss?
1. Massage your arms and shoulders. This will loosen up your arms. 2. Stand closer to the ball 3. Shorten your back swing. The farther your arms move, the more arms get involved 4. Slide your hips forward at top of swing. This should drop your arms 5. Swing long irons as if they are PW.
I have a different perspective on getting lessons. I know that I'll get from point A to point B faster by taking lessons. But I also know that there's point C, D, etc after point B. I'm a firm believer that golf swing will never get perfect and there's always room for improvement no matter whether you take lessons or not. I have been playing golf for about 10 years on and off and my swing has been gradually improving every month by reading, researching and video taping....
If you carry 13 clubs, then why not? I'm considering carrying a LH PW. I wanted a 2-sided chipper but found it's illegal.
IMHO, These are wrong questions to ask and can be very misleading.A golf lesson is not a substitute but a complement to practice. Without right attitude, lessons are meaningless.
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