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I really like this response and truer words were never spoken.  Good instructors will consider that not all of us were born with the athletic abilities of PGA pros and/or have suffer injures in our lives the make some of the "conventional" moves more difficult, maybe impossible, for us.  I was never really able to take the club back without swaying (moving the head) because of some old injuries I suffered. So I am grateful to my present teacher as he is the one that told...
You're correct the ball doesn't belong to the home owner but you voluntarily put in on their property and probably owe them rent.  I guess I am not so sure who owns the ball now that I think about.  Isn't possession 9/10 of the law and the golfer did voluntarily send the golf ball into the homeowner's back yard.   But in my case, as stated earlier, I just throw the ball back to the golfer if I happen to be in the yard and if not I put it in a bucket and when full I give to...
One thing about playing golf (and life) is that some days are just not your day.
I don't recall saying you don't have a "right" to call the tournament whatever you want.   I really don't have an axe to grind on whatever you call it.  But when you call something by other than its correct name I can't be held responsible for someone else correcting you.  But I didn't, correct you that is.
I play in 3 to 8 scrambles a year, depending.  I think it is almost impossible to intentionally cheat without all player in the foursome being in on it and I would like to believe that isn't the case.  I do think misunderstanding of the rules sometimes causes lower scores than are real.  But the latter cause (rule ignorance) can't amount to more than a stroke or two of error.  
I agree with this and have a fence.  I can't imagine anyone climbing my 6' wrought iron fence for a golf ball, not even a $4 ProV 1.  But if they did and I was aware of the intrusion  I would advise them to leave now and/or call the police. Because of the liability a property owner just can't allow anyone on their property without their permission.  
I read a lot of the post and you certainly started a "conversation".  Well my 2¢ is that we certainly need to do something different as what we are doing isn't yielding good results; e.g. the present paradigm (see I did read the posts) for selecting the team and its captain isn't working.  So why not John Daly?  The worse he could do is lose and we are doing that now.  Ol' John has had to fight a lot of his own demons and has survived through some tough times and keeps...
This discussion occurs every year it seems.  I guess the R&A has a right to call it whatever they want. As long as they don't complain about our "World Series" I won't complain about their "The Open".
i live on a course and if I'm in the back yard when he ball "shows up" I toss it back.  But if not I put it in a bucket and take it to the Pro Shop for their Kid's programs, well unless it is a Pro V 1 of course then it goes in my bag.  But I live between a green and a tee box so I don't get many balls and most folks that can afford to play Pro V 1 are not bad enough to put one in my back yard.  
How about this guy Miller Barber:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx8bVEovI3w   You might look at Nancy Lopez or Ray Floyd.
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