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It should be whoever (whomever?) is closest to the pin when all have taken their third shot.  Or at least that is the way we play it.
I am not a pro by any means but I had this "toe hit" problem so have some experience with it.  I did finally go to a pro and my particular issue was two fold.  First I was swaying and had difficulty getting back to the ball.   But the more sever part was I was taking the club too much to the inside and was well below the plane described in Hogan's Five Fundamentals.  This can cause you get "stuck inside" as Tiger used to say and either go "over the top" and hit the ball on...
My 2 ¢ is that, for me, the SnT swing helps keep my head still and helps me not sway (same thing I guess).  So I put a little more weigh forward and just swing pretty much as I always have.  That's the feel anyway but since I have access to a camera I can see it isn't quite true. My lead shoulder does tend to go more down as apposed to around, but it isn't something I try to do.  I also in practice mode concentrate on "staying centered" over the ball during the back swing....
There is a useful message in Law 21.  My Granddaughter gave me a plaque to hang in the den with most of these.  The're great.
Amazing how the mind works, isn't it?
I'm not superstitious but I won't putt until the hole is empty.  If you hole out before me you need take you ball out of the cup and if you don't I'll ask you to before I putt.
I loosen up before the round.  Usually takes 35 minutes or so.  I start with putting a few, then chipping a few to get the rhythm.  Then I go the practice tee and hit a few, 15-20 balls, with a couple or irons, a hybrid and the driver.  After that I play a couple of "synthetic holes" before heading the the first tee.
I would add Star Pass in Tucson if that is convenient.  Good course at something less than a second mortgage. 
I had this almost situation last year in a tournament at one of the local courses.  But I admit I could not, in my case, see the ball all the way to its final resting place.  The tenth hole is a par five and if you hit the drive a couple of hundred yards plus and the ball will run down a hill to the second level of the fairway.  But you cannot see its final resting place from the tee box. So I split the fairway with my drive and the other three players agreed and I made...
I vote no.  He said he would not play again until his A game is back I'm paraphrasing.  I believe him and don't think his A game will be back by Master's time.  Sad for golf but that's the way I see it.
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