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Probably next year there will be a tall tree in the gap or the left will be OB.  But certainly showed some creativity on Ben's part.
I have suffered through the can't hit a driver problem for a few years.  I hit a lot of 3W these days.  But just recently I cut the driver length to 44 inches and over the last few weeks I have been hitting it much better.  At one time Drivers were 43-44 inches in length but over the years, in the search for more distance, driver shaft length has increased to 46 or so inches as a standard.  That is likely a 3 inch more length from your 3W.  I was told it would stiffen the...
I believe trying to implement a "poor man's" version of strokes gained system is a good idea.  But it needs to kept simple or just taking the data will become a distraction on the course.  I like the +/-1 & 0 technique.  Keeps it simple and meaningful at the same time. 
Gotta be a joke.  
I put mine in my pocket on vibrate only and don't answer it until convenient and to not interfere with play.
I have been reading this thread a couple of days now and holding my tongue.  First I don't think this is a good idea for a LPGA Masters as the LPGA already has 5 majors and adding another only dilutes the importance of the majors.  Having said that I would like to see them Play at Augusta National.  They play a pretty good brand of golf and I watch then whenever I have time and especially the majors.   Maybe the LPGA could have a "players" tournament at Augusta or some...
I don't have any strong feelings about this one way or the other.  I do think a well designed Par 3 requires 3 good shots to score a par and can really penalize a marginal shot making par close to impossible.  I have played courses with both finishing and starting par 3 holes.  Again if well designed, and I don't mean long necessarily, they can be a challenge.
You're correct of course Fourputt.  It was sort of a "tongue in cheek" post.  It was difficult to do with boxers and that is much simpler game than golf and certainly didn't settle the argument.  There likely will never be a way to settle the "who's the greatest" in any given sport.  Maybe someday we'll be able to just clone these guys using DNA and have them play, but I doubt I'll live to see it. Well unless they clone me so I can watch on whatever replaces TV.  
  I guess I should have put some emphasis on the weekends as the normal rounds are in the 4 hour +/- few minutes almost all of the time during the week.  But on big weekends, Memorial day, Independence Day, etc.  there are a lot of people on the course and it isn't unusual for rounds to be longer than normal.  But since these "occasional" members pay too you just have to be patient or like me just go fishing instead of golfing.  This is a seasonal club (Summer) in a small...
I certainly haven't read all the posts but was just checking in to see how the debate was going.  You know they did this on a computer a few years ago with Rocky Marciano and Mohammad Ali (Cassius Clay) to see who was the greatest boxer of all time (GBOAT).  Of course the simulations didn't really settle the argument (Rocky won by the way) but it did add a dimension to the arguments.   It would be interesting if some enterprising fellow/gal would do a Jack, Tiger, Ben, and...
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