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Or maybe this one.   Bony Maronie---Larry Willliams  
Shiela--Tommy Roe
Me too.  But I might start watching the Champions Tour when Tiger/Phil gets to 50 YOA.  If I am still alive anyway.
Unsolicited advice is usually worth what you pay for it.  But not always.  I did have a PGA pro approach me on the range once, and ask if I would like him to watch a few swings and comment for free.  I said OK and he did give me some good advice on my grip and a swing thought or two.  He, of course, also gave me his business card and said call if I would like to schedule any further lessons to call.  I think this is unusual however and advice from another double digit...
I would give more to hit the big sticks straighter and the short ones with more distance control.  But I suppose if one could hit wedge where now they now hit a mid iron the latter wish might be given.
I have to also agree with this.  Mostly because of the USGA web site that encourages ready golf and so one has to conclude it isn't against the rules to play ready golf. No I am not trying to be the last post.  
So if Rule 10 is a real rule, and it is or it would not be in the book,  then the answer to the question is you can't agree to ignore the order of play and play ready golf without being in violation of Rule 1.  So the answer to the OP is an agreement to play ready golf is in violation of the ROG.    How about some consistency?  I see where this USGA site advocates "ready golf", but it is clearly against the rules.   http://www.usga.org/MicroSite.aspx?id=21474856307
I suppose and iacas is correct the USGA does say there is no penalty.  I was just suggesting it doesn't feel that way sometimes regardless of the USGA's declaration.   But I concede that if the USGA says there is no penalty then there is no penalty.
I agree with this.  I wish I didn't because it says we are doomed to slow play if we continue to patronize coursed that are always crowded and SLOW.  Yet around here that are some really nice courses at reasonable prices, even in Winter, that I like to play but are always slow and crowded.  So my choice it to either play less maintained courses or more expensive courses or play slow.  I'll probably take the latter.
Will I believe civility should rule in cases like this.  If the fellow who was saving the stall was polite I don't see the need for any comment back other than "no problem I'll move over a stall or two".  "Getting in someone's face" isn't a good idea these days as getting yourself "decked" is the least of what can happen if the other individual feels threatened.
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