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I think I'll take a "wait and see".  When they mess with your spine it sometimes works but often not.  Certainly Tiger is a skilled competitor, but an older one now with some chronic issues.  
I concur.  I like belonging to a private club but it doesn't solve the slow play problem.  In fact I think in some ways it is worse as the members own the club.
I enjoy playing scrambles (selective shot) a few times a year.  Would not like to do it all the time and understand those that don't like it at all.  But for me it is enjoyable and you can try shots you might never try in other formats.  Sometimes it does take longer than it should, but then that is more the testosterone issues with a bunch of scratch player who bought maximum "Mulligans" and want to show the world how to win rather than the "twice a year" players IMO.
I guess from my perspective neither the premise that "distance is always more important than accuracy" or "accuracy is always more important than distance" is true.  It just depends on your game and the situation.  Maybe the only true premise in golf is "if you don't pick a shot you're comfortable with/ confident in, you'll screw it up".  
I don't know why more of us don't spend more time on the 100 Yards in game than we do.  If you keep stats keep one for strokes taken from inside 100 yards in.  I'll be if your handicap is two digits it is over 70% of the strokes for over 90% of the double digit handicap golfers.  I too live in Phoenix and have played in 113 degrees a couple of times when I was younger.  I don't recommend it.  What I do recommend for practice or play during the Phoenix Summer is be on the...
If it was me and I didn't see either my ball or the provisional when I arrived where I thought they were,  I'd offer the group behind to play though while I looked for my ball (if OK with my playing partners).  I would not look more than 5 mins or when the group behind us cleared their second shots, which ever was shorter.  If had not found the ball by then I would take the "walk of shame" or just drop one on the fairway and finish the hole and score whatever gross was a...
Probably a little off topic but I always cringe when someone says all, none, always, never, and paints a group, in this case seniors (whoever that is), with the same brush.  Seniors are no more a homogeneous group than any other.  While they may share some characteristics, chronological age over some number, many can still play the game from the tips and outscore  a lot of younger folks I see playing from the tips.
I gave up cigarettes many years ago but I can remember "the habit".  I can also remember when I was a young man in the Military oversea the Red Cross just gave them to us (yes they did).   I personally would like no smoking on the course, but think it is a bad idea.  Courses are struggling and I don't think this would help.   At the club I play on smoking on the course is banned, but it is because of the fire danger to the forests.  The smokers don't like it but since it...
Are you saying that if your investment adviser calls and say sell your IBM you have to ask the broker "are you using inside information to recommend this decision?" or you can be sent to jail as an accomplice if he/she is using inside information.  The reason most have advisers is because whatever our expertise is it doesn't extend into the realm of buying and selling paper and/or we don't want to spend hours a day monitoring our nest egg.  So we find someone who is...
She was only convicted of lying to the SEC.  If any of the above alleged action could have been proven she would have been charged, tried, and convicted.  Since she was not even  charged it seems a little unfair to state the above as fact.
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