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I would add Star Pass in Tucson if that is convenient.  Good course at something less than a second mortgage. 
I had this almost situation last year in a tournament at one of the local courses.  But I admit I could not, in my case, see the ball all the way to its final resting place.  The tenth hole is a par five and if you hit the drive a couple of hundred yards plus and the ball will run down a hill to the second level of the fairway.  But you cannot see its final resting place from the tee box. So I split the fairway with my drive and the other three players agreed and I made...
I vote no.  He said he would not play again until his A game is back I'm paraphrasing.  I believe him and don't think his A game will be back by Master's time.  Sad for golf but that's the way I see it.
Depends.  But I believe golf needs a few "elite" pros that are better than the rest.  You need a Tiger and a Phil that can stir the competition.  if you have too many different winners it become less interesting to watch.  So I think we need Tiger and Phil just like we needed Jack, Arnie, & Gary.  Like any sport (game) the spectators need heroes so they will tune in.  Most of us on TST will tune in anyway but golf needs those weekend golfer with no handicap and little...
I do my best to not complain about anything golf while on the course.  It is bad for my game.  So when I hit a bad shot or get a bad bounce I just shrug it off and go chase the ball and hit it again.  if I am going to complain I complain about things other than golf, like the cost of booze at the club house.
I wouldn't give ball color a second thought.  I play with yellow balls because I can see them in flight better.  I like them and play with good balls,  NXT tour S.  Other than visibility I can't tell the difference between the white ones and yellow ones.
I thought it was great; Rory throwing his 3I into the lake.  There's hope for the lad yet. Shows he has some fire in his belly.  I suppose you can overdo this sort of thing but I like to see that these guys are playing to win and not just be another one of the millionaires who consistently places in the top 20 or so but never wins and doesn't seem to much mind not winning.    But if you overdo it the other way, never demonstrate emotion on the course,  you get Inbee Park....
You're correct.  Today's superior players are just too polished. You don't ever hear a "bad" word or see anyone slam a club on the ground or berate an official.  Regardless of their skill level they are just sort of bland most of the time in interviews and on the course,  e.g. they are uninteresting outside of the fact "these guys are really good".  To be a big star you need to be a 'personality" too.  My 2 ¢.  
I am older but you should mention John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors too.  One thing all of those players had was they were great at tennis and had personalities that stirred interest.  Like Tiger the discussion wasn't always about tennis but it did keep the interest in the sport up.  Your point is well taken however that Tiger revitalized golf as something young Americans wanted to do.  I would suspect he also stirred the interest of Europe and the world youth.   Not sure...
That's great!  Thanks for taking the time to post this.
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