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I have to also agree with this.  Mostly because of the USGA web site that encourages ready golf and so one has to conclude it isn't against the rules to play ready golf. No I am not trying to be the last post.  
So if Rule 10 is a real rule, and it is or it would not be in the book,  then the answer to the question is you can't agree to ignore the order of play and play ready golf without being in violation of Rule 1.  So the answer to the OP is an agreement to play ready golf is in violation of the ROG.    How about some consistency?  I see where this USGA site advocates "ready golf", but it is clearly against the rules.   http://www.usga.org/MicroSite.aspx?id=21474856307
I suppose and iacas is correct the USGA does say there is no penalty.  I was just suggesting it doesn't feel that way sometimes regardless of the USGA's declaration.   But I concede that if the USGA says there is no penalty then there is no penalty.
I agree with this.  I wish I didn't because it says we are doomed to slow play if we continue to patronize coursed that are always crowded and SLOW.  Yet around here that are some really nice courses at reasonable prices, even in Winter, that I like to play but are always slow and crowded.  So my choice it to either play less maintained courses or more expensive courses or play slow.  I'll probably take the latter.
Will I believe civility should rule in cases like this.  If the fellow who was saving the stall was polite I don't see the need for any comment back other than "no problem I'll move over a stall or two".  "Getting in someone's face" isn't a good idea these days as getting yourself "decked" is the least of what can happen if the other individual feels threatened.
So here is what I found albeit not specific to...
I don't want to get into a definition of penalty argument.   I'd bet if you ask Annika about this she would agree with me that it was a penalty when the US team required her to replay that chip she hit out of turn and holed out.  This was in a Solheim Cup a few years back.  I would suggest it certainly cost her a stroke that day.
Well at the beginning of 2014 I had let my game get away from me over the years and my handicap index was up to almost 23.  Lots of reasons including a couple of new knees and a bout with a persistent ear problem (read balance).  But I decided to get serious this last year took some statistics to find where the most leakage was and decided to fix the leaks as best I could.  Here is what the 2013 statistics said.  Over 3 penalty strokes/round, slightly over 4 three...
I guess in stroke play it is fair to say it isn't a rule because there isn't a penalty (as long as you don't agree to play out of turn to give one of the players an advantage, like seeing the line of a putt) for breach of the rule.  But of course, and I know you of all people know this, there is a penalty in match play for playing out of turn.  But my foursome almost always plays "ready golf" and I think it help keep up the pace of play and recommend it as long as you stay...
I don't know for sure but I would think that when temperatures get below freezing it might be possible to damage graphite shafts on irons.  But playing in those temperatures seems counter productive in my opinion.  Those mishits got the hurt the hands.
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