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Well I don't doubt that golf is becoming less popular, but right now, around here, just try getting a tee time at one of the many decent courses.  It is crowded this time of year and expensive.     As to equipment sales, I don't often purchase a new set of irons, maybe every 5-6 years and I always look at the used clubs first.  Same for driver, putter, hybrids, and fairway woods.  Maybe if I was a scratch golfer I would become a believer in new equipment will help.  At...
I have a set of Lynx Black Cats from when Lynx was Lynx and not GolfSmith.  I play with them about once every couple of months.  Not sure why I guess just because I like them.
Turns out I got it correct.  A bullet isn't designed to penetrate (except for those designed as armor penetration bullets).  Unlike an arrow that is designed to penetrate, a bullet is designed flatten or even break up  or even begin tumble on impact to cause damage.  
Not to belabor the point but it is much like my ancestors that left Europe and knew they would never go "home" again perhaps for different reason but sill they were stuck here having left everything they knew and loved.  Just think, if we go to Mars we could turn the place into an Earth like planet in few hundred years.  I guess the other thing is we would learn so much trying to figure out how to do this without killing any the the knowledge gained  would most certainly...
Well as  young man I was one of the many engineers that designed and developed the Mars Viking project hardware, a lander and orbiter, a significant achievement for its time. So I believe I do understand Mars to some extent.  I think what is wrong with the country today  (this is not intended to be political) is we need a national goal to unite us.  So why don't we colonize Mars just like early American colonized the frontier?  I can remember when JFK said "in ten years we...
I would agree without a army of statistics in the computer you could never implement strokes gained.  But I do think we could use a more specific set of stats.   There is a difference in a missed fairway between OB and in the first cut even though they are missed fairway.  If one reads and understands the article it should be possible to come up with a more meaningful set of statistics for our own game that is quick and easy to record and that doesn't distract us from...
If I was a young man I would give it some serious thought.     But I would want them to build a golf course there.  Can you imagine how far you could hit a golf ball on Mars? Well maybe not too far even though the gravity is much less so is the atmosphere density so maybe not enough lift for long drives.
I like this system but now sure how an amateur would ever implement this.  But an interesting article for those trying to take meaningful stats.   http://www.golfdigest.com/golfworld/2014-01/gwar-shotlink-feature-david-barrett-0113
I agree with this.  Seems as if in the process of lowering you handicap there are spots where the process of reduction really flattens out for a period.  You work and you work and nothing happens then all of sudden you start shooting 3-5 stokes lower.  I find that puzzling but that is how it seems to go.  Probably a brain thing.  
I don't carry a 4 iron anymore.  I use a hybrid and if you have two digits in your handicap I recommend this.
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