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I think you folks are being kind of tough on Gilberg.  He is asking an honest question about how range balls perform relative to non-range ball with regard to distance.   The answer is, in general and on average, range balls are shorter given the same launch parameters.  If you hit a real ball with your 5 iron it might go 410 feet.  Also I wonder where Gilberg got his handicap index.   I have never seen a USGA handicap index with a hundredth digit.  I would think this just...
Wow this thread has some legs so I thought I'd update what I posted a couple of years ago.   I have moved UP a tee on many of the course I plan and enjoy the game more.  A lot more fun to shoot in the high eighties that low nineties.  But I did find a day or so ago you can move too far up.  I went to a local course yesterday as a single and got paired with a threesome and they were playing the forward tees (used to be called the ladies tees).   Since I was the guest so to...
They certainly lost me as a customer.  I suspect that today they might make a decent ball for the masses.  But I am not going back as I am happy with a couple of other brands/models that I can obtain at reasonable prices.  Just no sense in trying Top Flite again that I can see.
Yes as long as i played enough holes and by the rules, e.g. not a practice round.
Perhaps so.  I have not played with one in a long time.  When I find them I turn them in to the Pro Shop for kids to use.  
Top-Flight.  Might as well play with a spherical rock.
Solo rounds are something I do once or twice a month.   I pick a time, usually late afternoon, when I know the course isn't busy and just use the time to practice.  I use the round to do a lot of short game stuff and hitting different clubs from the same distance/lie, hitting different clubs from the tee and sometimes even different tee boxes, and putting on the course of course.  In general I use the time to just evaluate my own game and enjoy the solitude.
Well you're right that picking up broken tees and throwing them in the box next to the tee markers is good etiquette.  But I have to agree with some above that there are much more egregious transgression of good etiquette that I dislike a lot more than this one.  Ball marks on the green not repaired, divot holes not filled, and trash (especially burned cigarettes) left on the course are all more offensive to me personally.   I don't like duck/geese crap on the course...
I am open minded I believe.  So i'll watch it at least once.  Whether I watch it after that will depend on the show.
I put a dough-nut weight on my driver and take a few swings when I can't warm up.  I usually bend at the waist and touch the ground in front of my toes to loosen and stretch my legs & back out some.
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