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I decided a few years ago the rules associated with "chippers" was too numerous to keep track of so I just eliminated it from the bag and learned to chip with a 5 hybrid.  I just take a putting grip and stance and putt with it off the green.  Works great but does take a little practice when you start as the club is longer than the typical chipper and the face/ball reaction is different.  But I like it and no ever says it is an illegal club.
I try to always hit a provisional ball if I have any reason to think the first ball might be lost.  But in those cases where I did not anticipate the ball would be difficult to find I normally won't look more than a couple of minutes before concluding the ball is lost.  In a tournament with significant entry fees I'll take the entire 5 minutes.
I did this also, voted for option 1 that is, and while I agree with the IACAS proposed rule I doubt it is needed.  Most of these past champions know when to give it up and they do. 
I concur too.  As they say (and so do I) "my worst day on the golf course is better than my best day at work".
I agree with your conclusion, it was stupid.  But I have to admire the fellow with the 8I for knowing the rules and taking advantage.  Had to chuckle some too.
I have played in more than a few tournaments over the years and the "longest drive" has always been measured along a straight line from the tee box to the ball's resting place and the resting place must be in the fairway.   There normally is a Longest Drive sign in the fairway and if your ball comes to rest beyond that sign in the fairway you put you name the sign and move it to your ball's resting place.  At the end of the tournament whoever's name is last on the list...
I start by admitting I did not real all the pervious posts.  But I don't personally like the idea of artificial turf.  While it would save on water it does require cleaning and will make us duffers all better on the"fat" shots.  But I would be more in favor of genetically modified grass that is a low water use plant. 
If not impeded in some way my usual foursome takes about 3hours 45 minutes +/- 10 minutes to do 18.  I think that is a nice pace, not fast, not slow, just steady.
I, to echo others, don't think how a pro scores relative to par in very important in this tournament.  They all play the same course and as the book says the lowest score wins (and I add regardless how the lowest score compares to par).  I personally enjoy the US Open as it makes an attempt to give the non-power players, e.g. shorter hitters, a chance to win.  As a rule the pros usually cannot just overpower a course set up for the US Open.
I am pleased he is going to play and hope he performs well.  I also hope he isn't rushing his recovery as it won't be good for golf if he doesn't make it to the weekend.
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