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Let us hope.  I was never sure why Martha lied to investigators since she apparently had not done anything wrong.  Most of us who are not financial experts listen to our  financial adviser on whatever investments we have, as long as he/she is successful anyway, and wouldn't have a clue as to whether they are using inside information or  not.  
I think the way it is usually handicapped is for the low handicap player to play "scratch" and the higher handicap player to play to the difference between his and your course handicaps.  This seems to work pretty well if the differences in handicaps are small, but it doesn't seem to work so well when difference begin to approach 8-9 strokes.
I agree with this.  While I don't always agree with the USGA I do think such an organization is necessary or soon technology will make us all scratch golfers without the necessity to practice or have any athletic skills.
I go out single upon occasions and have met some great folks that way.  Sometimes I feel a little out of place when I get paired up with some scratch golfers playing from the tips but I just make sure I don't hold them up.  However I don't play the the tips in any case and it doesn't bother me to play shorter tees as long as I keep up.   Just an aside comment, scratch players are not always the quickest players, just sometimes.
I am ambidextrous (at golf anyway and I throw left handed and write right handed) and play right handed.  So I really don't know my "handedness" as do different things from different sides, just screwed up I guess.  But I am left eye dominant.  I tried playing left handed for a few years but just wasn't making any progress so switched over to the other side.  I seem more comfortable this way and in my hay day clubs were surely easier to procure.  So I guess I'd recommend...
I'm a fan of my Ping G15.   I have an old Cobra SZ that I like also but that was when Cobra was Cobra.  Not sure of the new offerings as I have not tried one yet.
What he said and as time goes on the good days get fewer.  You got to be tough to get old. 
In my case bad shots happen when I lose focus and don't follow the pre-shot routine.   Then I sometimes make a bad shot worse by picking a difficult shot to get out of trouble.
  All the terminal software and any course I have used for inputting my score I had to enter the total score for 18.  I have never seen a system that permits you to enter scores by hole.  So you have to take care of subtracting strokes needed to comply with ESC.  
Null, Nada, None.  But I have had three eagles on Par 4 holes of reasonable length, e.g. not in driver range (at least not by me).  
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