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You're right, thanks.
So what do you guys/gals think about the NE Patriots and deflated footballs?   For Whatever it is worth, I think the game with the colts would have been the same outcome even if the balls were "properly" inflated.  Having said that cheating is cheating I guess weather it be on purpose of by accident.  Certainly is in golf anyway but we'll await the decisions to see what it means in the NFL, if anything.
This is cogent advice and if followed you will be OK.  Carpe Diem (seize the day) and remember you're not at work.
I remember an interview with Jack Nicklaus years ago where he was ask "why do so many professional athletes from other sports are attracted to golf after their professional careers are over?".  Jack's answer was pretty insightful I believe.  Jack said it was because no matter how well you play you can always see a couple of three shots you could have saved on the course and so golf is always a challenge.    In other words you probably never do as well as you think you...
I am one sigma right of the mean.
First I always look around for a free tee on the tee box.  Of course I always wait until it is my turn so as to not disturb others.  Darn things are expensive and I just don't understand why people leave their used but perfectly good tees laying around after they hit.  More money than sense I guess. 
To the first point, yes, either a vanity or sandbagger is difficult to get away with as a club member.  Of course if you're a brand new member you might get away with it for a round or so.  But after a round or two it usually is obvious. To the second point a vanity handicap isn't always harmless albeit not as damaging as sandbaggers.   To the last point, at our club there is a handicap committee that oversees this.  Sometimes they "adjust" a player's handicap for all club...
I didn't reply to this back when the thread was young but decided I would this time and voted for sandbagging.  However "vanity handicaps" are not harmless.  I once had signed up for a tournament at my club, a 2 player best ball of three rounds, and my partner took ill a day before the start.  I was going to drop out but the pro said we had a new member who wanted to play and if OK with me he would replace my partner.  I said yes.  I think this fellow had a 12.x handicap...
Me too.  I keep an old computer around that runs on vista just so I can play these.
I believe it will be a big deal.  Not sure Tiger believe this however as he set his goal at breaking Jack's record of 18 professional majors. and likely will not see this mark as making him exceptional.  At least not exceptional enough to suit him. 
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