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I certainly don't know one way or another for sure.  But I don't believe Tiger would do that and risk his career and legacy.  I suppose you could make a case for the other option because of his "growth" over the years, but somehow I don't think he used PEDs.  
I will miss Big Break. Can't say it was my favorite show but it was one I usually watched and liked.
You're right, that's crude.  Lucky he didn't get punched.
A male would probably starve to death as cart "persons" depend on tips to eat.  I doubt if even if half inebriated another male will tip a "cart boy" the same way he would a "cart girl".
I tend to agree with this comment.  When the tee times just don't allow for someone to even spend a minute looking for a lost ball without holding up the people behind you it will end up in a traffic jam.  Even if that foursome gets back on track quickly you have created a jam behind them that will take some time to correct.  Most golfers are going to hit a few not so good shots and will need an extra amount of time to find the ball and figure out their next move, whereas...
This thread surely had legs. I don't remember what my answer was but my comment, whatever it was, assumed the group knew what the rules said and the questions was really do you follow the rules or do something outside the rules. But the rule are clear on this and the only answer is to go back to the original position, add one penalty shot, and hit again. That's not what most golfers do in my experience, but it is the only option the rules allow if your ball is lost and...
I enjoyed watching the matches and thought the pace of play was OK, maybe a little slow but not bad and there was lot at stake. Just a a general statement I believe the LPGA does a much better job of enforcing the pace of play rules than the PGA does. But of course that has little to do with the NCAA and I am not sure what the pace of play rules are in an NCAA tournament. I did notice some of the girls did use push carts so that is allowed but doubt it has much to do...
I prefer the yellow ball most of the time.  Usually a NXT Tour S.   But there are some visibility conditions were the white ball is more visible in flight and I keep a couple in the bag for those times.
The human race has been around a long time.  Most of us are some sort of mongrel (mixed blood).  Not sure if it is a blessing or bane.  
Not to belabor the point but Rule 6-1 says caddies and players are responsible for knowing the rules.  We all know it probably is impossible to know all the rules and decisions by memory.  Whenever I have been confused about a rule (in a tournament) I call the pro shop and ask.  But of course if the  players just didn't even consider that what was done wasn't by the rule and were unaware then who would know?  I guess, in that case, they just turned in a wrong score, even...
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