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I certainly don't believe it proper to use pejorative and hurtful terms and language directed at any specific group or individual.  Having said that I also know we are all human and when angry might say something we regret.  It is a human failing to sometimes set the mouth in motion prior to engaging the brain and we all have done it.  So I am a little hesitant to impugn someone's character based on one angry outburst.  Whether or not Reed's outburst should label him a...
I think I have figured this out between the local paper and TV news.  If Phil is an "official" coach he is allowed to recruit for ASU per some recent changes in the NCAA rules.  So he accepts an unpaid assistant coach position and wah-la he can not recruit for brother Tim & ASU.  I don't see anything particularly wrong with this.  I suspect other colleges and universities are doing this but just don't have such notable alumnus or are better at keeping it quiet.  
I like it.  Clever idea.  But I bet it won't be implemented very many places (cost).
For those of you that don't know Phil's brother, Tim,  is the head golf coach at ASU.  So I suspect this is an "volunteer" position and he has no intention of putting Tim Mickelson out of a job.
I'm with Iacas.  I think casual water but no other relief is appropriate to the drain field.
Well if his back is OK and his knees are OK then I think he'll have a solid year and maybe even a win or two.  But no major.  
Jezzz, if we can do 2 pages on what kind of jeans Tiger wears and whether his shit is tucked in or not, we need to get a life.
Lots of folks not rooting for Anthony.   An unorthodox swing for sure.   Somehow I believe he might be better than he seems.
I guess they would not have to "overseed" every fall and that would be nice.  But having hit off artificial grass on driving ranges I'm not sure I'd like such a golf course.  But I would try it once anyway and whether or not I'd play a second time would depend on the first time experience. 
For whatever it is worth, there are some butt ends around and it has little to do with their handicap index.  But fortunately they are few and far between in my opinion.  Most people I know that play the game are considerate and pleasant to be around.  Most are like you describe you "pop" and are gentleman.  
New Posts  All Forums: