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Not to belabor the point but Rule 6-1 says caddies and players are responsible for knowing the rules.  We all know it probably is impossible to know all the rules and decisions by memory.  Whenever I have been confused about a rule (in a tournament) I call the pro shop and ask.  But of course if the  players just didn't even consider that what was done wasn't by the rule and were unaware then who would know?  I guess, in that case, they just turned in a wrong score, even...
I am not sure about the last part.  I believe you cannot under the rules agree to violate the rules, in this case Player A should be DQ'ed for not finishing the hole and I suspect Player B should be DQ'ed for agreeing to violate the rules.  The match play can continue with player B having won the hole.  But I agree with all the above comments you just can't really play a match play and stroke play tournament simultaneously because the rules are different.  I wouldn't do it...
Slow play is a bane to golf.  While I would not call it cheating it is the reason that since I have retired I don't play weekends.  There are a few courses in AZ that will remove you from the course and refund your money if you're out of position (based on where you are related to your tee time).  Of course they give you the opportunity to pick up and move into position first (and you have to stay in position) before they ask you to leave.  Your expected position at any...
Other than the humidity this certainly applies to Phoenix too.  Temp in the three digits require some thought.   In my case when at this location in the summer I get tee times at sunrise and am off the course by 10 AM, lots of liquids (not alcohol), big big brim hats, don't walk and stay in the shade when it isn't your turn.  I will say it is cheap to play here this time of year.
It seems to be a hazard of the game.  I have hit someone twice in the years of playing.  Fortunately never any serious injuries and in both cases I could not see the foursome in front me.  First time was a foursome looking for a ball in the woods with no visible sign of them near fairway/rough.   So believing it was clear I teed up and hit the drive just about the same time a couple of players emerged from the woods.   My ball hit the one of them after a couple of three...
I should have added to the earlier post I have owned several brands of hybrids over the years.  But the ones I have now are, at least for me, preform the best.  Adams 12 OS.
I carry 3 hybrids (5, 4, 3) and find them much more useful than the 5 and 4 irons I used to carry.  I use the 5 hybrid to "chip" with on tight lies around the green.   I replaced my 5 W with the 3 hybrid as it is much better out of the rough (which I seem to be in a lot).  I carry the 4 hybrid as it just didn't make sense to carry a 5 and 3 hybrid and a 4 iron.  I offended my sense of uniformity to keep the 4 iron.
I find Miller to be a breath of fresh air in a PC world.
What weights more, a pound of steel or a pound of feathers?
Glad to know I scored it correct even if for the wrong rule.   I guess I'll have to start carrying a rule book with me.   I played it correct too I kept the shot because only Tiger or Phil could have kept that ball on the green without a back stop.  So I had no inclination to replay the shot.
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