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I have played in more than a few tournaments over the years and the "longest drive" has always been measured along a straight line from the tee box to the ball's resting place and the resting place must be in the fairway.   There normally is a Longest Drive sign in the fairway and if your ball comes to rest beyond that sign in the fairway you put you name the sign and move it to your ball's resting place.  At the end of the tournament whoever's name is last on the list...
I start by admitting I did not real all the pervious posts.  But I don't personally like the idea of artificial turf.  While it would save on water it does require cleaning and will make us duffers all better on the"fat" shots.  But I would be more in favor of genetically modified grass that is a low water use plant. 
If not impeded in some way my usual foursome takes about 3hours 45 minutes +/- 10 minutes to do 18.  I think that is a nice pace, not fast, not slow, just steady.
I, to echo others, don't think how a pro scores relative to par in very important in this tournament.  They all play the same course and as the book says the lowest score wins (and I add regardless how the lowest score compares to par).  I personally enjoy the US Open as it makes an attempt to give the non-power players, e.g. shorter hitters, a chance to win.  As a rule the pros usually cannot just overpower a course set up for the US Open.
I am pleased he is going to play and hope he performs well.  I also hope he isn't rushing his recovery as it won't be good for golf if he doesn't make it to the weekend.
I guess it is just a sign of the times.  Whether you like it or not "sex sells" and it is difficult to blame a struggling business (Golf Digest) from exploiting that fact to enhance their sales.  I have to wonder however if this sort of exposure (no pun intended)  it is in the interest of the LPGA in gaining respect for their athlete's abilities.  Some of them are "really good" golfers and some of them are really easy on the eyes and some are both.  But somehow I get the...
I have been intrigued with the idea of strokes gained based statistics ever since I read the article.  But when I tried to do it I found the task of taking data onerous and distracting from just playing golf while on the course.  So I have tried to come up with a less precise but more efficient and less distracting system based on the concept of did you last shot help or hinder you ability to make the next shot.  So my evaluation of the shot I just took is to assign a...
I don't think there is any magic formula for determining what tees (yardage) to play.  I agree with the comments saying play any tees you want as long as you can keep pace with the group in front of you.  There are some < 6000 yard courses around here that can eat your lunch and some that are > 6400 yards that are pretty simple.  Makes me think that just considering your driver yardage for selecting tees isn't all that smart an idea.
I believe you should post them like you play them.  If it isn't 18 holes played in a continous sequence then it is 2 nine hole rounds.  I even think if you take more than a "hot dog" break at 9 it should be posted as 2 nine hole posts.  But then the rules seems less than definate on this so who knows?
 If you avatar didn't say you're in Thailand I think you were in Phoenix in the winter.  This is a natural Winter home for geese and on some courses the resulting "litter" is a real problem.  My foursome has  special rule saying you can lift clean and place on some holes this time of year.  Cleaning isn't a pleasant task but necessary. I know it is against the rules without a local rule so no comments please.  We just prefer to not play a dirty "shi''y" ball.  The geese...
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