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I guess the club make up in your bag should reflect your game some.  I carry 4 wedges in the bag and use them all.  The lob wedge in particular I use mostly for when a lob shot is needed.  So mostly when I am close to the green and have to clear a hazard or an elevated green with little green to work with.  But I usually won't use if off a tight lie unless it is close to a full shot.  As to the high end, I gave up my 5W for a 3 Hybrid.  Better in the rough than the wood...
Many years ago when I was a younger man, I would "throw a fit" and once wrapped a 9 I around a tree.  I told myself I play for fun and if I am not having fun I am stupid for playing.  So I quit for several years.   But when I later decided I would like to play again I had a new attitude and decided I would not have temper tantrums.   So when I hit a bad shot I just tell myself that event he pros hit bad shots and good golfers spend the time figuring out how to avoid or...
Surely is a lot of free advice in the world today whether it is golf or other things.  Most of it is worth what you paid for it.
I like them all and have trouble picking between the Masters, US Open, and the British Open.  But I picked the Masters because of the scenery.
  And I think you're both wrong.  For some $12 isn't a lot for others it is.  In any case a kid riding along with Dad/Mom doesn't cost the course much and might yield a lot later.  But I admit many can't tell the difference between an "investment" and an "expense".  
You're correct that just any mention of Tiger will stir the conversation.  I suspect your correct about the "making the cut" too.  I was at the Waste Management Open and followed "the man" for a few holes and he won't work his golf game out in a week I suspect.  Not enough time and too many things to work on.
I somehow doubt "the yips" is a synonym for "weak minded" although I would agree it is a problem in the brain and not a physical problem.  I don't know if Tiger has the yips or not but do know he has suffered some significant injuries and is now 39 years old and not played any competitive golf for many months prior to the Phoenix Open.  So maybe it is just a lack of confidence and he needs to play more, or maybe it is the yips and he will never be the same again.  I hope...
I would think not.  when you're young you don't need a yellow ball and the pros have a multitude of "spotters" in any case.   So when they lose a ball is is really lost and the ball being yellow won't help.  But maybe a top Champions Tour player will one day will play a high visibility ball.
Pats 21, Seahawks 24.   too close to call really and whoever's defense works better on Sunday wins.
Many of the courses around here do that.  I think it short sighted as there is some value to having a Mom or Dad take their kid with them while they golf.  How are we going to get new golfers if we don't expose the young to the game?
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