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I did read many of the posts and find people's attitude on betting pretty much the same as mine.  I like to have money on the line as long as it isn't beyond the threshold.  For me personally that is a $5 Nassau with maybe a push on the back side (e.g. you can't lose more than $20). The group I play with quite a bit does this in teams of foursomes, best 2 net balls is the team score.  There are individuals within the groups that have private bets and I have seen a lot of...
I always place the ball on the tee such that there are no line, logos,marks, etc. showing.  I like to just see the ball.
For me it is a "what do I care what others do as long as there isn't a bet?".  I play with a group that does the "in the leather" rule (I know it isn't a rule).  But there are some players that prefer to putt out all the holes and no one objects and it is never a problem.  So that's it for me.  No money on the line you can take a 20 footer for all I care but I want to putt out so don't touch my ball without my express permission.  I have never had anyone object to this and...
I voted I do.  But then there already is a couple of tournaments played in the winter on dormant grass (off the fairway anyway)  The one that comes to mind is the Phoenix Open.
I believe club selection is just a personal choice and over time you'll figure out what club mix in the bag works for you.  I personally carry three hybrids (19, 22, & 26 degree) and 4 wedges (PW-LW).  The hybrids are a lot more versatile than long irons and I often use them to chip with from tight lies.  My advice is to just keep playing and use what ever club mix works for you.
As long as there is no money on the line why would you care?  I just ignore golfers like that and know that the ego handicap they end up with will enhance my probability of wining any real competition with them.  Sometimes you have to suffer through post round comments like "I gave you a lesson today" but just know when the competition begins you'll give them a lesson on the rules.
I like what FourPutt said.  I do carry a GPS with me but usually just give it a glance to see distance to the center of the green.  If there is trouble between me and the green I will look up distance to the trouble and distance needed to clear before I pull a club.  But I do make it a point to not take a lot of time with the GPS and on most Par 5 holes I don't even look at it for the second shot as it is unusual for me to "go for it in two".  
I voted no, but I think there should have been a maybe vote.  Depends upon the relationship with the other fellow and the timing of the advice.  I guess if the "adviser" is someone that you play with a lot and knows you and your game, it can be helpful sometimes (although illegal on the course).  But in general I don't ever give advice to someone unless they ask my opinion, never in a tournament, and start the comment with "I'm a bogey  golfer so take this with a grain of...
The game can certainly be frustrating at times and I think you would have to be an android to not ever get your blood pressure up over a bad break or bad shot at times.   I certainly however don't condone prolonged or frequent displays of temper.  But I know we are all human and don't mind an occasional outburst of temper, but not including damage to the course or when it makes other players uncomfortable.  So depending upon how you define "tantrum"...
I would agree the odds are against Phil winning the US Open. The US Open set up just isn't well suited to Phil's game (staying out of the rough).   But then the odds were against his ever winning the British Open for the same reason plus the wind.  So I won't bet against Phil winning anywhere and I sure would like to see Phil win this one.
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