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I quit keeping track a couple of years back when I discovered that there was little correlation between GIRs and my final score.  But I think best I ever did at over 6,000 yards was 15 GIRs as I recall. In my case my final score seem to relate to my "off the tee performance", not necessarily Fairways hit but playable, and "putting performance".
Nice looking cart but not sure how stable it would be on the hills and valleys on most courses.  In any case it would not solve the slow play problem.  
I guess around here is AZ I've seen a few rattle snakes. But since I grew up with them I thought the Alligator was more intimidating.   
I always liked John D and enjoyed watching him play.  But he was the maker of his own downfall and it was really a waste of talent.  But I wish him the best and hope he get another chance at glory.
I think what is more amazing than a golfer with a 4.3 index that has on course anxiety problems is a golfer with a 2.6 index that never uses a practice range.  Boy am I ever doing something wrong.   Sorry, I usually try to ignore some obvious disconnects  but this morning the "devil made me do it".
I was disappointed that Michelle lost for no reason other than I was rooting for her.  But realistically she just ran into a buzz saw with Lexi.  Michelle shot one under par on the last day of a major championship, that isn't exactly choking or blowing up.  Lexi on the other hand had a hot putter and shot four under.  Since there is no defense in golf this happens to all of us including the professionals.  When your opponent is playing lights out there just isn't anything...
While I agree it isn't Golf Digest's JOB to promote the LPGA one would think it is in their best interests to do so along with promoting the game of golf in general.  I doubt the Golf Digest's audience includes many people who are not interested in golf and putting Paulina's photo on the cover has little chance of increasing the audience other than this one month.  So I'll stick with my assertion that they would have been better served to have selected one of the many...
I would think this is a personal thing and you have to try different stuff.  For me I try to do my pre-shot routine on every shot.  My routine is to one, pick a line and club two, pick an intermediate target (hopefully just a few feet in front of the ball) three,  address the ball making sure the club is square to the target line and grip is neutral (I have a terrible hook when I let my grip get strong) and ensure the ball is located at the proper place in my stance.  My...
I don't have a problem with Golf Digest & Paulina as an example of someone who is physically fit.  I do believe the magazine would have been better served to have selected an LPGA pro for the cover as there are several that  are just as fit and probably look just as good in their workout attire.  
I believe a Country Club (an equity membership) can be a good investment.  But before I joined one I'd ask a few questions other than how much are the annual dues and cost of memberships.    1. How many equity memberships are permitted and how many are available now? 2. How many special assessments have there been in the last 10 years and for how much? 3. Are there club restaurant minimums and if so how much are they? 4. What is the transfer fee when I decide to sell...
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