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So maybe you (all) are correct and Phil didn't ruin his chances to be captain of one of the future USA Ryder Cup teams.  I certainly don't have a crystal ball so don't know for sure.  But I do know that in most of Corporate American being publicly critical of someone in a position isn't always well received by the folks put that individual in that position and the criticism can even be taken personally. So being openly critical of the performance of the individual in a...
I voted yes.  Tom Watson was a great player but just doesn't have a "modern" management approach.  In today's world it is important to get some "buy in" from subordinates on decisions made affecting their performance.  As to Phil's timing, I would say he picked the time and place where he would be heard by the most people who have an interest in the subject.  Probably cost him his chance to ever be captain but then I would think he knew that and felt the message was...
Interesting list.  The tips tee for #5 is just outside my back fence on the local course.  I often, when working in the yard or just sipping suds, watch the players who use these tees.  Most just don't belong there and I see a lot of tee balls over the fence on the right.  Whatever business that owns this property ought to start a competition with lostgolfballs web site.     The only other one that caught my attention was the sunblock application.  Around here if you...
No I am not superstitious.  But I won't putt until the hole is empty of balls.  There's only room for one ball at a time you know.
Yes.  You don't have to justify how you spend your $, if you are not enjoying the experience then go elsewhere.  
Wow this was so long ago I had to reread it myself.  But I don't see where I commented on my length or my percent fairway hit.  But there was a time when I had 2-3 OB a round and even some in play shots with the driver ended up in really penal condition.  And now I manage most rounds with no OB and hit about 30% fairway and when I miss (70%) am usually in the rough with a shot toward the green and not in the woods.  As to my driver length, well I am an old fellow so I...
At my age just having another day to play make it a great day for golf.
I saw this on the morning news today.  Kid can really send the ball on a trip for one arm and only 3 years old.  An example for the rest of us who have two arms.
The only thing I know for sure about "What if there had been no Tiger" is that Phil's golf record would be a lot better.
I would self analyze my greatest challenge on the course is staying focused.  I believe I could be 5-8 strokes better if I could only stay focused on the shot at hand and not other things.  Not that I don't have swing flaws, but they are almost insignificant to the "outta my mind" shots" that cause double and/or triple bogies a couple of times a round.
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