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I am a picker.  Don't know why I just always been.  Kind of nice to take your normal swing in a fairway bunker.
Me too.  I use a 5 hybrid to putt (that's right putt) from just off the green.  That's because I was never very good and judging distance trying to use the putter off the green and this change seems of have fixed the problem for me.  Up to about 5-8 yards off the green and no trouble in front of me.  While I don't recall ever using a longer club than the 5 hybrid for the 15-20 yards off the green I have used almost all the shorter ones at times depending upon the situation. 
I actually do take some offence to this.  I too grew up in modest or poor conditions with cow  on my boots and working in the fields & pastures. I managed to get an education (GI bill as my folks certainly didn't have the $) and while not a billionaire I did do OK.  I certainly do not  believe I am better than anyone just because I ended up financially OK.  So I call bull  on your comment.
I would suggest that you try to trust your swing and play golf on the course and don't play swing the club.  This is difficult when your learning to play but it is something you can practice.  Break your practice time into different sessions and let one of them be a trust your swing session.  In other words just pick a target and "visualize the shot", set up to the ball, make sure your hand tension is not a death grip, hit the ball to the target with only the picture in...
A small forward press is good, a big forward press, not so good.
Yes that has always be the "rap" by SnT detractors, a reverse pivot.  But I don't see that as more likely because you put weigh forward in your set up than it would be with a "conventional" swing.   I think there are many variations in the "conventional" swing on the tour today.  As pointed out in several earlier posts in this thread several exceptional pros have incorporated in their swings "moves" that are part of the SnT swing.  So I don't see the SnT as an...
While the SnT has helped me it isn't for everybody.  I guess I'd also say most don't do everything the SnT videos describe.  The only SnT technique I incorporate on purpose is to put more weight forward in my set up.  I then just take my normal swing but of course that is feel and not real. I has some severe injuries to my left leg early in life and it is weaker than the right and slightly shorter (about a half to three quarter inch).  So as I aged this hasn't gotten much...
I believe you have some legitimate complaints.  I belong to a club and non-members are treated like members while at the club even if they are not playing with member.  As to the pace of play there are times when it can be slow but usually it is a good pace, 4 hours  +/- a few minutes for a round.  At our club however non-members cannot play unless a member "sponsors" them and/or plays with them. Therefor most guests are friends or business associates of a member and so...
I already bitch about having to clean the plastic crap off my clubs when forced to use artificial turf mats on the driving range.  I could actually get into a rant if they actually used artificial turf on the course.  Probably wouldn't be able to afford it in any case as that stuff is EXPENSIVE.  Just get a bid on installing in a putting green in your back yard.
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