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The game can certainly be frustrating at times and I think you would have to be an android to not ever get your blood pressure up over a bad break or bad shot at times.   I certainly however don't condone prolonged or frequent displays of temper.  But I know we are all human and don't mind an occasional outburst of temper, but not including damage to the course or when it makes other players uncomfortable.  So depending upon how you define "tantrum"...
I would agree the odds are against Phil winning the US Open. The US Open set up just isn't well suited to Phil's game (staying out of the rough).   But then the odds were against his ever winning the British Open for the same reason plus the wind.  So I won't bet against Phil winning anywhere and I sure would like to see Phil win this one.
I advocate for using different clubs for chipping.  On tight lies I use a 26 degree hybrid with a putting grip and putt with it.  But for other lies I use either a 6, 7, or 8 iron depending upon how far off he green I am and how far I need the ball to run.
It is not unusual for a player to have "the wheels fall off" after a bad shot/hole.   Most notably maybe was Greg Normand at the Masters some time ago.  I do it and so do all the fellows I play with upon occasion.  The answer to how to not let that happen is a personal one but for me it is just keep telling yourself that each shot is an independent event in a series of events.  That is scientific talk for your next shot has nothing to do with the last shot other than the...
Perhaps you can (diagnose your own swing) but most people cannot.  Even if you have a video it is difficult to know what to do to correct a "flaw" or even if the "flaw" is creating an issue for you.  I know I recently decided to improve my game and signed up for a series of lessons at a place that uses video.  When I saw myself swinging the club it was an eye opener for me.  To make a long story short I am on the way to recovery as a result of this decision.   To answer...
I did not read all the posts here so likely someone has already posted this suggestion.  But if I was you I would call around and see what courses have a men's club and join one them.  Most are relatively inexpensive and for sure you'll meet a lot of local golfers.
Until I read this thread I did not know such places existed.  But since I spend Winter in Phoenix we don't need them here this time of year.   But I would bet you might make it work in the Summer.
About 8 years ago I had an index of 12.X.  But seems if after a couple knee surgeries and some other things I have let it slip (is about 20 right now) by not spending the $ or time to keep my performance up. So I signed up for a series of lessons and am going to attempt to return to the an index of 12.x or better.  That is the goal for 2014, an index <13.0.  I've only had 3 lessons so far but can see the difference in the videos and the numbers and believe I''m going in...
I voted zero.  The Tiger of yesteryear is gone and won't be back.  I'm not sure why but he just isn't the same warrior he was and I don't think he ever will be again.  Maybe it is because he wants to win majors too much and it gets in the way.  I do believe he is capable of winning 5 more tournaments this year.  But not a major.
I play about 2-3 times a week so probably somewhere around 115 rounds a year.  I purchase 3 dozen or so balls a year (of course I keep the Prov V balls I find) so maybe i use 4 dozen a year.  I think that is somewhere close to 2 rounds a ball.  So as to not mislead anyone out there I lose most of the balls in the Summer playing in the pines.  Here on the desert courses in the Winter I wear our more balls than I lose. 
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