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That's it.  Especially the last attribute of living in FL. 
Me too.  I like a little money at stake.  The buddies and I usually have a game with something like a dime a point and a couple or three points/hole.  I don't think I have ever seen anyone lose more that $1 a round but it is for bragging rights.  Sometimes at the club we have a $5 Nassau but that is expensive as it gets for me.  More money that than that and it gets too serious and not fun anymore. 
I guess I don't care much if someone comments on my ball flight or not.  I don't however like "on course instructions" from someone that can't break 90 when playing by the rules.
I always wear shorts until the temps get into the 40s.  Sometimes I will put on pants if the temps in the 50s and wind is up or is rainy.  But usually if it is too cold for shorts I go fishing.
I will use a putter if I am just a few feet (2-3) off the green.  But if more than that and a tight lie I use my 5 hybrid with a putting grip out to about 30 feet off.  Of course depending up lie and an open line to the pin.
As I read the thread title I am reminded of the cliché "practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect".  So if you go to the range and unthinkingly just beat up on balls you won't get much good out of the practice time.  You have to have some specific goals for your practice.  What the goals are is probably less important than having a goal or goals you wish to accomplish.  Here lately I have been spending about a third of my practice on mechanics of...
Having grown up out in the deserts of AZ I can tell you that the coyote is one smart animal.  He seems to be able to adapt to conditions no matter where he is at.   Many  the new folks moving to AZ think it is a good idea (or maybe just fun) to feed them.   But make no mistake they are not a dog, nor are they tame and in fact will have your pets for lunch given a chance.
Probably next year there will be a tall tree in the gap or the left will be OB.  But certainly showed some creativity on Ben's part.
I have suffered through the can't hit a driver problem for a few years.  I hit a lot of 3W these days.  But just recently I cut the driver length to 44 inches and over the last few weeks I have been hitting it much better.  At one time Drivers were 43-44 inches in length but over the years, in the search for more distance, driver shaft length has increased to 46 or so inches as a standard.  That is likely a 3 inch more length from your 3W.  I was told it would stiffen the...
I believe trying to implement a "poor man's" version of strokes gained system is a good idea.  But it needs to kept simple or just taking the data will become a distraction on the course.  I like the +/-1 & 0 technique.  Keeps it simple and meaningful at the same time. 
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