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Too much probably.  The big one is club annual dues.   About $3,000/year.  Other than that I bought a new bag to replace my 10 year old one, a Ping driver from the used club bin , and a Adams Hybrid 3 iron, plus I did play some rounds other than the club.  So maybe a total of another $1000 overall counting balls and such.
My group plays "ready golf" to expedite the round and will give putts inside the leather.  But never in a tournament.   There is an unwritten rule for the group that phones are turned off unless there is a good reason not to and then the ringer must be turned off and conversations are held "out of range" of players.  
At the risk of starting another Tiger controversy I believe Tiger just started "counting his chickens" too soon when Zach had to take a drop on 18.  Tiger was not expecting a playoff and never got in the "I'm in a playoff" state of mind.  As a result he got beat.  Kind of simple and has happened to a lot of players (usually in match play) but we just don't expect this from Tiger.  I won't argue this with anyone as not being a mind reader I can't prove this was the...
In my several years in business I noticed a change in writing of employees.  The number of incorrectly spelled words was significantly reduced by the use of spell checkers.  But the incorrect use of words increased significantly.  For instance their and there, or its and  it's, and insure and ensure, your and you're, and so forth. 
I was a young man in the military overseas when Kennedy was shot.  I had the midnight to 8 AM watch and remember my buddy from the comm center running over and telling me the President had been shot.  It wasn't too much later that we heard he had died and it was a "Russian" that had assassinated the President.  The Russians (Soviet Union) was serious business in those days and not too long before this was the "guns of October incident (blockage of Cuba)" so thing got...
All I was trying to say is that because one part of the game requires more practice that in and of itself doesn't make it most important.  But you're correct that I probably over stated the point.  My grand daughter accuses me of "lecturing" and I think she's correct.  So I'll quit as one should when one has made the point once.  But I'll keep reading as a lot of interesting point on this thread.
I still believe if you are going to play at a high level, scratch or better, then you need to be able to play both the long and short game.  If either leaves you, you are going to have problems scoring well.  I suspect this is true for double digit handicap players also, just a matter of what is good or not (what you see depends upon where you stand).  So having said that and to clarify early posts, I know for me personally I have to spend more time practicing the long...
I am not a particular Mike Weir fan but he did win the 2003 Masters. A feat not accomplished by many and he was the first left handed golfer to win that tournament.  He has 8 PGA wins and that isn't too bad for a fellow 155 pounds and 5'9".  So I'd take his game short or not.  
The flip side of this is that a superior short game can make up a lot of strokes from missed green or substandard  long game (as long as you stay in play).  But I think if you want to be a low handicap it is all important.  I would say it takes more practice (for me anyway) to master the "keep it in the short grass" part of the game than the "chip it close" game.  The weakest part of my game is the driver, not furtherance but rather towardance, is an issue with me.
No because it would just be too difficult to define when the divot is not a divot anymore.  I will admit it is one of the most frustrating bad break you get in got is to hit your career drive only to find the ball in the fairway in a 2 inch deep divot some A$$hole didn't fill.  But because of what several before me have said it is just not really possible to define when a divot isn't a divot anymore.  One thing we don't need in golf are rules that are subjective.
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