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Amen to this!  If your business is that important stay in the office and off the course.
Yes it does make you sound a bit Arsey to me.  I don't ask anyone to help me look for a ball either but usually they do without being asked and when it is someone else's ball I always offer to help look.  Just a way to keep the pace up and a courteous thing to do.  But I don't know much about what is considered courtesy in the land of the stiff upper lip so I'll try to not be judgmental.  But it does seem a bit arsey to me.
I don't know that it make you and ******* but I think it would be a good thing to help another golfer find their ball.  Your shoes will dry and your clothes will wash out OK so why not?
OK I would probably use a 9I or PW and try to drop the ball just inches past the fringe and let the ball roll up to the Flag Stick.  If the greens were faster than normal I would use a gap wedge.
I agree with this.  Depends upon where the pin is compared to the front/back/edges of the green and what troubles are around the green.  Maybe to some extent just how well I'm playing that day can have an influences too.
A green is clear when you are 100% positive you can hit your approach shot without hitting another golfer.  There is never a  need to ever endanger another golfer (or a course employee) with an errant shot to the green because you felt you couldn't wait a few seconds more util the group in front of you is absolutely out of range of the club in your hand no matter how well or how poorly you hit it.  
My grievances:  golfers that don't repair ball marks on the greens (theirs and at least one other) and golfers that don't fill their divot holes. Nothing can ruin your golfing day faster than hitting the perfect drive and finding the ball in the middle of the fairway in an inch deep divot hole.
I believe I have seen most of the BB sessions since it began years ago.   I enjoy watching but concede some BBs have been better than other.  This show seems to uniquely combine divergent personalities with "sort of golf" play.  The challenges set up a lot of pressure on shots as one bad shot and you can go home even if you're the better player, ask Anthony.  I would also agree that the abilities of the players can vary quite a lot.   However, usually, but not always, the...
No one in particular.  My starting to play was just an accident of faith.  I called a good buddy up to see if he would go riding our dirt bikes through the desert and he said "Can't I am playing golf with another buddy, you want to come along?".  And so it began.
There is one here in the East Valley of the Phoenix metro area.  I believe it is in the Gilbert, AZ city limits.  I drove by it the other day and the parking lot looked full.  I didn't have time to stop and see what is going on there but obvious they have a multi deck driving range like in Japan. But someday soon I'll stop and take a look when I get some time.
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