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  Well I wouldn't want to turn this simple fan pole into a grill room conversation but I don't have to agree with someone on every issue to be a fan.  Plus I would have to say I have never heard Bubba say anything that would justify the above.  Maybe he did, but if so I sure never heard it.  
Yep, that's it.   He seems overwhelmed with his good fortune and situation today.  Nothing wrong with that and I suspect given the circumstances of his youth he feels blessed and maybe he is.
I voted yes.  How can you not be fan of Bubba's?  Great golfer with a home grown swing.  He is "Duck Dynasty" with a golf club.
First come, first serve?   I don't know for sure but there are courses that you just have to show up and put your name on the list to get to play.
I can only answer that with it surprised me too.  But the numbers are the numbers and I found that the strongest correlation was keeping the ball playable off the tee (I now hit 3 woods and 3 irons off tees on tight fairways).  This often leaves me with missed, not by a lot, of greens.  But I have a reasonable short game from inside of 20 yards or so and often get down in 2 and sometimes 1.  So my scores are better when I don't have shots on the score card that I didn't...
I quit keeping track a couple of years back when I discovered that there was little correlation between GIRs and my final score.  But I think best I ever did at over 6,000 yards was 15 GIRs as I recall. In my case my final score seem to relate to my "off the tee performance", not necessarily Fairways hit but playable, and "putting performance".
Nice looking cart but not sure how stable it would be on the hills and valleys on most courses.  In any case it would not solve the slow play problem.  
I guess around here is AZ I've seen a few rattle snakes. But since I grew up with them I thought the Alligator was more intimidating.   
I always liked John D and enjoyed watching him play.  But he was the maker of his own downfall and it was really a waste of talent.  But I wish him the best and hope he get another chance at glory.
I think what is more amazing than a golfer with a 4.3 index that has on course anxiety problems is a golfer with a 2.6 index that never uses a practice range.  Boy am I ever doing something wrong.   Sorry, I usually try to ignore some obvious disconnects  but this morning the "devil made me do it".
New Posts  All Forums: