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Sorry to be late in this discussion but I play a course that has almost exactly this policy.   But they do refund your green fees if they remove you from play (no never happened to me I just have a buddy that works there).  It is a challenging course and also schedules for 4 1/2 hour rounds as does the OP's course.  
I notice a lot of the pros eat bananas on the course.  I usually take a protein bar on the course and try to stay hydrated,  seems to work for me. Food high in sugar will give you a boost but it doesn't seem to last long. Fruits are good, apples, oranges, etc. for maintaining some energy levels.  
I have lost so many sunglasses playing golf I just buy cheap ones.  Seems to work as well albeit not as fashionable.  But then I don't much care about fashionable, just functional. 
I looked at these yesterday while I was shopping for shoes.  It is certainly clear that on any greens that are not pretty firm the are going to leave marks.  I'll bet they get banned at many courses before it is done.
I am certainly not a Tiger fan but I don't believe he withdrew because of his poor play.  I do believe him, in this case, that his back was bothering him. how much did it affect him?  I don't know but if there was any chance of it getting worse as a result of finishing the round I don't blame him for withdrawing.  I watched Tiger play on what in effect was a broken leg and he certainly at one time could play through pain.  But a back problem is more difficult and it wasn't...
Because often after I have read the earlier posts I just don't think I have anything to add.  
I had to look it up but it was 15.  Surprised me I would have guess about 6.
I have shot some 9-10 stroke difference in nines over the years but not too many recently.  I didn't see where anyone mentioned this but there are courses where the difficulty of the front/back nine is noticeable and significant.  I can think of a couple around here that are designed that way it would seem.   On those particular course the difference is not due to different play but rather to different difficulty of the nine holes.  Maybe not 9-10 strokes different  but on...
Think "process" not "results:.  It is important to have a preshot routine and to not get away from it on the course.  When you're thinking about the process you're not worrying about results.  For me I'd add that make sure "check grip pressure" is part of the preshot routine.
I agree with this.  Your practice sessions will depend upon what you're working on.  Although for me I believe there should be a constant and that is the pre-shot routine.   If you are just a newbie to golf I would seek out a Pro and take a series of lessons to see where your are and what is needing to be "fixed".  I didn't do this when I started and I regret it.  But recently I have rededicated a significant amount to time and $ (lessons not clubs) to improving my game....
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