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I believe you have some legitimate complaints.  I belong to a club and non-members are treated like members while at the club even if they are not playing with member.  As to the pace of play there are times when it can be slow but usually it is a good pace, 4 hours  +/- a few minutes for a round.  At our club however non-members cannot play unless a member "sponsors" them and/or plays with them. Therefor most guests are friends or business associates of a member and so...
I already bitch about having to clean the plastic crap off my clubs when forced to use artificial turf mats on the driving range.  I could actually get into a rant if they actually used artificial turf on the course.  Probably wouldn't be able to afford it in any case as that stuff is EXPENSIVE.  Just get a bid on installing in a putting green in your back yard.
I voted yes he wins.  I am not sure of whether it is a lot or a little but I don't see him losing.  To lose he would have implode and somehow I just don't see him doing that.
This happens often but I don't let it bother me much.  Usually there are a couple of three teams of scratch golfer teams and they max out on purchase of "mulligans".  I guess I just don't let it bother me as generally the Scramble is for charity and so I see the golf as just  side benefit of making the world better for someone less fortunate than myself.  Also there usually a couple of CTP prizes and a raffle that has some nice prizes.  But even when I walk away with empty...
I decided a few years ago the rules associated with "chippers" was too numerous to keep track of so I just eliminated it from the bag and learned to chip with a 5 hybrid.  I just take a putting grip and stance and putt with it off the green.  Works great but does take a little practice when you start as the club is longer than the typical chipper and the face/ball reaction is different.  But I like it and no ever says it is an illegal club.
I try to always hit a provisional ball if I have any reason to think the first ball might be lost.  But in those cases where I did not anticipate the ball would be difficult to find I normally won't look more than a couple of minutes before concluding the ball is lost.  In a tournament with significant entry fees I'll take the entire 5 minutes.
I did this also, voted for option 1 that is, and while I agree with the IACAS proposed rule I doubt it is needed.  Most of these past champions know when to give it up and they do. 
I concur too.  As they say (and so do I) "my worst day on the golf course is better than my best day at work".
I agree with your conclusion, it was stupid.  But I have to admire the fellow with the 8I for knowing the rules and taking advantage.  Had to chuckle some too.
I have played in more than a few tournaments over the years and the "longest drive" has always been measured along a straight line from the tee box to the ball's resting place and the resting place must be in the fairway.   There normally is a Longest Drive sign in the fairway and if your ball comes to rest beyond that sign in the fairway you put you name the sign and move it to your ball's resting place.  At the end of the tournament whoever's name is last on the list...
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