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Since I read the OP's question I have given this some thought as I really had not considered simulator accuracy before and since I have taken several lessons on one I was curious as to what I thought.  I just assumed it was accurate enough depending upon what you're using it for.  So my thoughts go like this.  I should preface this with a statement of not having the manufacturer's specifications anything I say is just assumption.   First the machine should be very...
That's why I hate Links courses, no trees.  No conducive to the "old mans disease" as fourputt called it.  But I just hold it until a proper facility is available.  
This guy ought to be locked up.  Anyone that loses control like that is dangerous to more than the golf course.
Here is what I initially said and you seemed to take issue with it.  E.G. what I said was if the Olympics was limited to "Track and Field" events it would soon be unsustainable at it's present scale because not many are interested enough in Track and Field to watch.  I took it from your initial response you disagreed with that.   
I guess we will have to agree to disagree.  But I believe a Summer Olympic Games without aquatics, cycling, basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, archery, badminton, boxing, judo, rowing, shooting, table tennis, and some other events would suffer in the number of viewers (TV ratings) that it would eventually just go away and end up on an alternate ESPN cable channel.   Even if you believe some of these are "track and field" most certainly are not.   I do enjoy watching...
I would have been a more interesting final I Emily had made it and I would have liked to see one of the women in the finals.  I don't think Toph has the game to beat Jimmy, but we will see and I have seen stranger outcomes than a Toph win would be.
I see the OP has gotten a lot of answers and I only have one thing to add.  I too live on a golf course but being a golfer I selected a home that is adjacent to a tee box and not near a green.  But even with that I get 6-12 balls a year in my back yard in spite of being 50 yards right and 25 yards behind the green.  But in the rare instances when I am in the yard I have gotten different reactions from the offending golfer.  Their reactions range from ignoring me and...
I would agree the Olympics are about National Prestige and countries spend big money to ensure that prestige which in turn requires big bucks sponsors.  Having said that to the competitors it is about the competition and being able to compare your skills with others.  As to the question of whether or not it should be confined to "track and field" evens or not I'd say the interest level would make it not economically feasible to televise and no one would see it if such a...
I like the way it turned out, but it was unexpected as I thought Anthony had the best game of the bunch in spite of his annoying ways.  But I am pleased to see Jimmy in the finals and I really didn't have a favorite in the other match.
I voted no as I doubt that the definition of "amateur is consistent around the globe.   So, as was true years ago in Basketball, our amateurs would be competing against what would be professionals in this country.
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