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In the Phoenix area there are many "senior" leagues on various golf courses, mostly Municipal courses but some other daily fee also.  The definition of senior varies but in general 50 years of age is the lowest limit I know of.  But these same courses also have no age limit men's and women's leagues available.     For whatever it is worth, if it was me, I just find a group that welcomes me as a member and move on.
There was a time when many of us played with "starter" sets of clubs.  Usually a driver, 3 or 4 wood, 3, 5,7, and 9I plus a putter.  Some actually had sand wedges but not many.  I don't remember the time to do a round being any different than today so I don't believe fewer clubs equates to shorter rounds times.
The handicap committee should assign a "special handicap" to these two individual in any future competition.  I have seen this done at my club and in a men's club I belong to.  If the handicap committee doesn't react to these situations they will soon find no one willing to compete in any handicapped tournaments.
I agree with this.  I played a course yesterday that is a great traditional track, but being a muni just doesn't have the $$ to maintain it properly.  As a result the city (Phoenix) is looking for ways to enhance the budget for the city courses.  Some of these ideas are to turn the course maintenance and in some cases management over to a third party.  Doesn't sound good for keeping lower green fees.  The city courses are the about the only affordable courses in the...
I drive a 2006 Honda Pilot when it is my turn to drive.  I can fit 5 adults and there gear in it, albeit more comfortable with 4.  It gets about 18 MPG in town and so far is a great vehicle.
Sorry to be late in this discussion but I play a course that has almost exactly this policy.   But they do refund your green fees if they remove you from play (no never happened to me I just have a buddy that works there).  It is a challenging course and also schedules for 4 1/2 hour rounds as does the OP's course.  
I notice a lot of the pros eat bananas on the course.  I usually take a protein bar on the course and try to stay hydrated,  seems to work for me. Food high in sugar will give you a boost but it doesn't seem to last long. Fruits are good, apples, oranges, etc. for maintaining some energy levels.  
I have lost so many sunglasses playing golf I just buy cheap ones.  Seems to work as well albeit not as fashionable.  But then I don't much care about fashionable, just functional. 
I looked at these yesterday while I was shopping for shoes.  It is certainly clear that on any greens that are not pretty firm the are going to leave marks.  I'll bet they get banned at many courses before it is done.
I am certainly not a Tiger fan but I don't believe he withdrew because of his poor play.  I do believe him, in this case, that his back was bothering him. how much did it affect him?  I don't know but if there was any chance of it getting worse as a result of finishing the round I don't blame him for withdrawing.  I watched Tiger play on what in effect was a broken leg and he certainly at one time could play through pain.  But a back problem is more difficult and it wasn't...
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