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I guess most of us play the game for fun, even when there is a little money on the side.  If you don't enjoy playing with the Boss then don't and tell your friend why and he can make is own choices. Life is too short to deliberately/knowingly play with a group you don't enjoy playing with.
@Phil McGleno thanks for the response and I'll take your advice about not overdoing the SnT and I will read some more. After all, and especially true in golf, success in not a place it is a journey.  Certainly the key I need to work on is keeping my head still because when I do that the rest seems to fall into place.
Well I have been letting my game get away from me in the last year or so but recently decided I'd try to recapture the "glory" such as it was.  I have been taking a series of lessons and it has slowly but surely getting better.  But I still have some problems with consistency.  I can play pretty well for 16-17 hole but seem unable to not have one or two blowup holes.  Almost always caused by a tee shot OB, in the woods, the middle of a desert bush/cactus, or etc.   I...
No it is never acceptable to knowingly hit into a group or at an individual golfer.
I have found that just trying to hit the inside of ball of the ball, as opposed to the back center, helped me quit my over the top swing.  If you're a baseball player hit it to right field.
This.  In the summer I usually play a 4 man scramble (an ABCD tournament) about once a month at a club I belong to.  We sometimes have shot selection restrictions so the team with the better A player doesn't always win.  While I wouldn't want to play a scramble every day it is a fun variation from the usual $5 Nassau best ball we play most of the time.
A scramble format with no restriction on shot selection is usually the better format when handicaps vary over a wide range if you are concerned with pace of play.
Amen to this!  If your business is that important stay in the office and off the course.
Yes it does make you sound a bit Arsey to me.  I don't ask anyone to help me look for a ball either but usually they do without being asked and when it is someone else's ball I always offer to help look.  Just a way to keep the pace up and a courteous thing to do.  But I don't know much about what is considered courtesy in the land of the stiff upper lip so I'll try to not be judgmental.  But it does seem a bit arsey to me.
I don't know that it make you and ******* but I think it would be a good thing to help another golfer find their ball.  Your shoes will dry and your clothes will wash out OK so why not?
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