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Well I like this answer too, must be your day iacas.  The LPGA has less of a problem with pace of play because they enforce the slow play rule.  Players (most notably Morgan Pressel) have lost tournaments because of slow play penalties on the LPGA.  Anyone know of any player on the PGA ever penalized because of slow play?   Who ever runs the PGA ought to read about Pavlov's dogs, then they might figure out why no player on the PGA tour cares about slow play.  To...
I like this answer.   But I probably would have, personally, defined consistency as something like  a +/-  3 stroke range of my net scores.  As the man said when golfers like Tiger and Phil can miss cuts, well then you'd have to concede we mere mortals might also have bad days.  
I voted no.  The courses I play have green speeds that can vary a lot from one course to the other but doubt any have a speed over 10.  I have never noticed any significant difference in time to complete a round because the green were fast.   Slow players are slow and IMHO would be slow if the greens were at 5 and holes were 24" diameter.  The would still take 15 practice swings, change club at least twice, throw grass in air 4 times and never walk more than 5 feet from...
Keep statistics on your game is probably a good idea.  But how each parameter (GIR, Fairways hit, etc.) you choose to track affects your score will vary with the individual.  So giving some thought to how each statistic relates to your final score is also a good idea.  For example if you have a great short game it might not really affect your final score much to improve your GIR statistic.  The other danger I have found, in my case anyway, is you can begin to play to...
That's something.  Guy must be tough.  Around here you worry about bees (the African kind) and the rattlers are coming out of hibernation early this year.
Why do they lie about distance (especially driver distance)?  Same reason as men do a lot of stupid things, testosterone poisoning of course.
I have never heard  the term but I would think this is correct; e.g. the low handicap player plays scratch and everyone else has their handicap minus the low handicap player's handicap.  This is the common way of handicapping a match play game.
  Well I wouldn't want to turn this simple fan pole into a grill room conversation but I don't have to agree with someone on every issue to be a fan.  Plus I would have to say I have never heard Bubba say anything that would justify the above.  Maybe he did, but if so I sure never heard it.  
Yep, that's it.   He seems overwhelmed with his good fortune and situation today.  Nothing wrong with that and I suspect given the circumstances of his youth he feels blessed and maybe he is.
I voted yes.  How can you not be fan of Bubba's?  Great golfer with a home grown swing.  He is "Duck Dynasty" with a golf club.
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