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Well as  young man I was one of the many engineers that designed and developed the Mars Viking project hardware, a lander and orbiter, a significant achievement for its time. So I believe I do understand Mars to some extent.  I think what is wrong with the country today  (this is not intended to be political) is we need a national goal to unite us.  So why don't we colonize Mars just like early American colonized the frontier?  I can remember when JFK said "in ten years we...
I would agree without a army of statistics in the computer you could never implement strokes gained.  But I do think we could use a more specific set of stats.   There is a difference in a missed fairway between OB and in the first cut even though they are missed fairway.  If one reads and understands the article it should be possible to come up with a more meaningful set of statistics for our own game that is quick and easy to record and that doesn't distract us from...
If I was a young man I would give it some serious thought.     But I would want them to build a golf course there.  Can you imagine how far you could hit a golf ball on Mars? Well maybe not too far even though the gravity is much less so is the atmosphere density so maybe not enough lift for long drives.
I like this system but now sure how an amateur would ever implement this.  But an interesting article for those trying to take meaningful stats.   http://www.golfdigest.com/golfworld/2014-01/gwar-shotlink-feature-david-barrett-0113
I agree with this.  Seems as if in the process of lowering you handicap there are spots where the process of reduction really flattens out for a period.  You work and you work and nothing happens then all of sudden you start shooting 3-5 stokes lower.  I find that puzzling but that is how it seems to go.  Probably a brain thing.  
I don't carry a 4 iron anymore.  I use a hybrid and if you have two digits in your handicap I recommend this.
I guess the club make up in your bag should reflect your game some.  I carry 4 wedges in the bag and use them all.  The lob wedge in particular I use mostly for when a lob shot is needed.  So mostly when I am close to the green and have to clear a hazard or an elevated green with little green to work with.  But I usually won't use if off a tight lie unless it is close to a full shot.  As to the high end, I gave up my 5W for a 3 Hybrid.  Better in the rough than the wood...
Many years ago when I was a younger man, I would "throw a fit" and once wrapped a 9 I around a tree.  I told myself I play for fun and if I am not having fun I am stupid for playing.  So I quit for several years.   But when I later decided I would like to play again I had a new attitude and decided I would not have temper tantrums.   So when I hit a bad shot I just tell myself that event he pros hit bad shots and good golfers spend the time figuring out how to avoid or...
Surely is a lot of free advice in the world today whether it is golf or other things.  Most of it is worth what you paid for it.
I like them all and have trouble picking between the Masters, US Open, and the British Open.  But I picked the Masters because of the scenery.
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