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I should have added to the earlier post I have owned several brands of hybrids over the years.  But the ones I have now are, at least for me, preform the best.  Adams 12 OS.
I carry 3 hybrids (5, 4, 3) and find them much more useful than the 5 and 4 irons I used to carry.  I use the 5 hybrid to "chip" with on tight lies around the green.   I replaced my 5 W with the 3 hybrid as it is much better out of the rough (which I seem to be in a lot).  I carry the 4 hybrid as it just didn't make sense to carry a 5 and 3 hybrid and a 4 iron.  I offended my sense of uniformity to keep the 4 iron.
I find Miller to be a breath of fresh air in a PC world.
What weights more, a pound of steel or a pound of feathers?
Glad to know I scored it correct even if for the wrong rule.   I guess I'll have to start carrying a rule book with me.   I played it correct too I kept the shot because only Tiger or Phil could have kept that ball on the green without a back stop.  So I had no inclination to replay the shot.
OK this happened yesterday and I am pretty sure I know the rule but you folks are my jury.     I was with the usually Monday crowd (a league) and we're playing stroke play.  I'm have one of my right to left days and hook an approach to the green which leaves me with a lie in the deep rough (2.5 to 3 inches) on a down hill slope to a green that runs away from me, but I do have some green to work with.  Across the green from me is a 3-4 feet deep trough and I am probably...
That's it.  Especially the last attribute of living in FL. 
Me too.  I like a little money at stake.  The buddies and I usually have a game with something like a dime a point and a couple or three points/hole.  I don't think I have ever seen anyone lose more that $1 a round but it is for bragging rights.  Sometimes at the club we have a $5 Nassau but that is expensive as it gets for me.  More money that than that and it gets too serious and not fun anymore. 
I guess I don't care much if someone comments on my ball flight or not.  I don't however like "on course instructions" from someone that can't break 90 when playing by the rules.
I always wear shorts until the temps get into the 40s.  Sometimes I will put on pants if the temps in the 50s and wind is up or is rainy.  But usually if it is too cold for shorts I go fishing.
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