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I see the OP has gotten a lot of answers and I only have one thing to add.  I too live on a golf course but being a golfer I selected a home that is adjacent to a tee box and not near a green.  But even with that I get 6-12 balls a year in my back yard in spite of being 50 yards right and 25 yards behind the green.  But in the rare instances when I am in the yard I have gotten different reactions from the offending golfer.  Their reactions range from ignoring me and...
I would agree the Olympics are about National Prestige and countries spend big money to ensure that prestige which in turn requires big bucks sponsors.  Having said that to the competitors it is about the competition and being able to compare your skills with others.  As to the question of whether or not it should be confined to "track and field" evens or not I'd say the interest level would make it not economically feasible to televise and no one would see it if such a...
I like the way it turned out, but it was unexpected as I thought Anthony had the best game of the bunch in spite of his annoying ways.  But I am pleased to see Jimmy in the finals and I really didn't have a favorite in the other match.
I voted no as I doubt that the definition of "amateur is consistent around the globe.   So, as was true years ago in Basketball, our amateurs would be competing against what would be professionals in this country.
I don't know that I think it would speed things up.  But I don't see any reason to not permit range finders.
$8K probably won't buy a round trip ticket to Turkey. 
While I don't have a problem with permitting laser range finders on the tour I some how doubt it would speed play by an appreciable amount.  As some others have said the distance to the flag is only one consideration of many go into club and shot selection.
This makes more sense to me than a driver which is both less lofted and longer length shaft being more accurate than a 3 wood.  
My list is too long, but here are some of the top ones.   Thankful for surviving long enough to be old and yet still in pretty good health.   Thankful for my family    Thankful for being born into a family that taught me how to take care of myself, being born with the tools to that, and for the wisdom to know I should share my success with those not born with the tools or the family support I was.   Given the above I am also thankful for being a USA citizen and...
New Posts  All Forums: