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No because it would just be too difficult to define when the divot is not a divot anymore.  I will admit it is one of the most frustrating bad break you get in got is to hit your career drive only to find the ball in the fairway in a 2 inch deep divot some A$$hole didn't fill.  But because of what several before me have said it is just not really possible to define when a divot isn't a divot anymore.  One thing we don't need in golf are rules that are subjective.
You said he was negative about Tiger.  I think he is just picking the golfer of most interest and writing/speaking about him.  I have heard him say a lot of positive things about Tiger but for some reason most seem to think he isn't sincere about that but is sincere about his criticisms.  Go figure.   I have already said he was over the line in the article of interest on this thread so I'm not defending that.
I use anything from a 7I to LW.  I try to "drop" the ball on the front edge of the green and let it roll to the hole.  I never was a good "artillery gunner" like Phil.  Of course sometimes you can't do that and then you're forced to do the "throw it to the hole and hope it stops quickly" shot (also known as the get it over the bunker/lake and long is better that short shot).
I think I did this once, well maybe more than once. That's why I quit talking to the ball, it listened to me. 
I personally enjoy watching the LPGA when I have the time.  I can relate to their games better than the PGA guys who "are really good".  It would be a good thing for golf if the LPGA could become more visible to the golfing public, IMO
I don't agree.  I think Brandel talks a lot about Tiger because he is of interest to the readers/viewers and Brandel is paid for being interesting and even provocative at times.   37 pages on this forum about the article will attest to the fact that Tiger draws a lot interest.  Does anyone out there think we would get 37 pages if it was the golfer who was involved was 100th on the money list?  I doubt that even if it was another well know golfer it would have garnered this...
In the Summer not later than an hour after dawn.  In the winter anytime if fine but prefer mornings.
I don't talk to my ball except maybe, at times, when it begins to fade.  You know you can talk to a fade, but draws are as waste of breath (yes I know Lee T. said this first but I like it).   Anyway I don't really ever talk to my ball but sometimes my ball has me talking to myself.
Me 2.
Here is what I believe a shame about Brandel's article.  I have said several times he was over the line with the implication that Tiger may have cheated.  But the shame is in what Brandel's  son told him and in that we are discussing Brandel and not discussing whether Tiger was "caviler with the rules" or not.  So Brandel's article was a failure in achieving what he wanted and so I give Brandel an F.  But having said that, I still don't understand why Tiger didn't call a...
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