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If I'm remembering right, I did not have to play with him the next round.  The scores were normal the next time out.
I hate to say it, but I think he is done.  That being said, what do I know.  I am an 18 handicapper who is not an orthopedist, nor am I a psychiatrist.  Looks like he has both physical and mental problems.  I think the "Tiger" aura has been so damaged he can't just play.  Again, I'm just an 18.
  I guess that could be, but if my copy is pirated Game Spot owes me some money back.  :)  Well I finished 2nd to Tigers 97 under and stayed in 2nd in the EA Sports ranking. The next tournament the scoring went as it should.  I won by 2 strokes and over took Tiger for number 1.  Go figure?  Strange glitch for sure.  His score never changed for the entire round.  Didn't matter if he made a bird or a bog.  If you look at the 97 under, it is his 25 under ant the start of...
Like was said above, its consistency.  The vast majority of armatures don't have it.  That's why we are am's and not pro's. 
I would be too if it wasn't me.
So I have been working with the AI difficulty levels and the amount of focus I allow myself to use.  By doing this I have been able to get the AI competitive and not "blow" away the field.  It has made the game more interesting and I actually don't win all the tournaments.  Anyway, to the point.  I am currently ranked #2 in the EA Sports ranking.  I am playing my first tournament with the possibility of overtaking Tiger Woods for #1.  When you do this you play beside...
In an effort to not sound un-manly I'll say awesome(read beautiful).
In all seriousness, you get more feel and feed back from a forged club than a cast. This is of course my opinion.
In a game based on honesty and integrity, they should have a much harsher penalty that just tournament DQ. My opinion atleast a one year suspension from the tour. That is ofcourse if they are guilty of what is being implied.
I had them use "Smart Balance" on mine since I have high cholesteral. Don't need my groves clogging.
New Posts  All Forums: