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I will agree with those that advise against a spinning chip shot.  To get consistent roll-outs, you really want to eliminate spin on chips as much as possible.  Not to say that certain circumstances may call for a bit more aggressive plays, but for a standard "get it rolling as soon as possible" chip shot, less spin is better.
Thus starts yet another "rag on Haney" thread.
I don't play much outside my home course, except for tournaments.  I really liked Waldorf-Astoria, Falcon's Fire and Champion's Gate National. I think they are top-notch.  Guys I know, whose opinion I respect, have mentioned Grande Pines and the Grand Cypress courses. Plus, the Disney courses are nearby although they may be pricier year-round. Here's a good listing of courses, with lots of reviews for the Orlando Attractions area, which is where you will be...
I think you will like it.  It's centrally located to all the Disney/Seaworld/Universal stuff. Lots of golf courses nearby, and if you are there in the Summer months, the prices will be relatively reasonable.
I  thought you were mainly here to tell us your pedigree as a marshal, and that you are currently at the "must-play" course in whatever state you're in.Isn't that the truth!
I was talking to a friend on the range the other day, who I have been helping out a little with his swing. He said that he gets frustrated with his game, but now he is shooting in the low 90's. He said he pulled out some scorecards from a year ago, and saw that he shot in the 110's and 120's.  Lots of improvement in only a year. He hasn't had any "official" lessons but is pretty diligent on working on the things I've showed him (for what that's worth).   And if he...
Never really played much golf (maybe 3-4 rounds a year), but moved to an apartment complex that was on a golf course. Started playing a couple times a week. No practice, except walking a few holes in the evening. Joined the mens club and played a few tournaments.   Looking back, I had a lousy swing, no knowledge of course management, old clubs, etc.  Took about a year and a half to get my first GHIN card with an index under 10. I thought I was hot stuff at the time. ...
 Thanks for your service to our country.  And maybe this should be a little lesson to those who post before they think.  Thanks again.
It seems that in the past week I have read something like the following from at least 3 different posters:   "Me and my buddy did so-and-so..." or "I seen so-and-so".   I just can't take any post seriously when the poster can't grasp even the basics of the English language.
5.5 should be just fine. That's what I have & my driver speed is around 105.
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