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Liked mine so much you had to get the same I love them so far but haven't got to use them as much as you probably have.@David in FL what finish did you decide on?
Lauren is back! Redemption for the golf channel!!
Here is a helpful article @Finley http://www.golfalot.com/equipment-news/titleist-sm5-wedge-2697.aspx
If you don't take much of a divot, a lower bounce would work for you. A mid to low bounce would probably work for you.
You need to figure out what kind of swing you have and a rough idea of the turf you play on. If you are a digger and play soft turf you want more bounce and wider sole for example.
Looks great cept for the Bama part
Maybe because it is cable?
Maybe it is just having to hear the fake surprise act of Kelly Tighlman too many times. Maybe it's just me. I need a break possibly...
They keep playing the footage over and over. Something that should be put to video archive at this point. It makes it feel like there is nothing else they can run...
New Posts  All Forums: