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Here too but I don't have the height in my garage for this setup and I probably should start using my dining room as a dining room instead of a hitting range...
I'll wait until someone loses one and I find it. I never seem to run low on ProVs and if anyone has read my comments on the warrior thread, you would know I don't appreciate shady business tactics. As @cipher said, if the ball is so good, why use the crappy tactics. Being a stand alone ball manufacturer is a tough biz to get rolling. I don't see how these small companies survive. @iacas did you sign up for the free balls?
Love your set up. Good choices.
Sposda be some snow this weekend... I am hoping it melts off quick. I still want to get in some rounds through the 3rd week of November.
Playing laying a two ball round at my home course, I was about 25 yards from the hole, and I was in the sand 8 feet below the hole in a greenside bunker. I took aim and hit a ball and slam dunked it into the hole for a birdie. I didn't get to see it go in because I was below the hole but I heard it and was pretty sure. When I got up to the green I didn't see the ball, went and looked and there was in the hole.
These guys are local to NH. Met Rob at the Boston show last year. Seemed like a good guy. Found one of their balls this weekend.....along with a ton of prov1s...
Maybe doing this stuff during the round is no big deal but I can't help but feel tired after reading them.
They should have made Bernie hit it with that stupid broom stick he uses. One of the golf mags touted this on facebook as these two hit it with their putters farther than you hit it with your driver. Needless to say it didn't sit well.
Mostly I need terrain on the track. The gps pics cover the layout and yardage. I would love the green information on a new course though. Were you able to derive the slope from google earth or is it from play?
I have the same scenario here. I decided this year to play more narrow courses to challenge my game this year. The scores have increased but it has taught me to take less risks. Throw in a few rounds at the tighter courses and you won't have to sand bag at all. Your cap will go up on its own.
New Posts  All Forums: