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  Internet meme... I like rap music the way it is though...
I wonder if he will join my injured and addicted to golf thread.... This could have happened anywhere. Instant surgery will benefit him. Regular joes walk on something like this causing a lot of degeneration before addressing it, by then it is too late.
I used to use apps for yardage, and found golf shot and golf gps range finder the best at the time. Now I primarily use my laser but if I cannot see the flag I use golfshot for the yardage since I still use it to keep my scores. The yardages are usually pretty close if you wait until the gps triangulated. I can't Golf without a yardage finder now though.
This is a lame post. Women can also kill their children, abuse people and be criminals as well. Let's just give them a get out of jail free card because they could be a daughter, mother or wife. Get real.
How dare you objectify this woman posting herself on the internet in scantily clad bikinis for the whole world to see... Bunch of savages...
For record I implied behavior but whatever.
I was going to include that but if this was the only club that they bladed, it could be the mental components of hitting a high loft club.
She really is just your average narcissist posting her selfies and doings on social media for attention. In this case she was married to a professional golfer pulling in his star power to get 10000 times more viewers. Otherwise she would just be a cute chick with fake boobies only known by a small following. The fact that a large component of single golfers would love to have her in the sack makes her possibly interesting to Tiger. Maybe she has Tiger's cell and was trying...
I'm reading a lot of "skulling" complaints here and that is definitely a mental error and not a club issue. I would say the 64 or anything higher in loft is a situational club. Put the club in the bag if the greens are lightening fast or you are left with a lot of shots under 60 yards. Otherwise learn to flight whatever club is your preference, 50-60 degree, to the distances you need, as stated previously.
I guess we will never know if it will make the care more desirable now. I heard about the shooting but don't know anything of the specifics since I do not watch the news. I read some history quite a while ago about the Rebel Flag that claimed that flag stood for other southern rights and not supporting slavery. It could be just interweb propaganda though.
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