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I shanked two Sunday (in a row), topped my 3 wood twice, a 6 iron and my 3 iron yesterday. Golf is hard. At least I know why I have been doing it...after that I played an extra 9 at 1 over par. I am not sure which is worse the "topper" or the "shank". Probably the shank because it usually costs you a penalty stroke.
I have the intermittent shanks at times...Matter of fact on Sunday's round, I hit two shanks in a row. If that happened throughout the round, I would have stopped playing for a week or so. If it was a persistent fixture, I would definitely quit. I am not a great golfer but I spend a lot of time to improve. If I was charging backwards I would quit for sure.
I played/practiced today and found another issue in my swing which is the main cause of getting on my right foot. I have been on the balls of my feet and just way off balance. A more athletic stance made a helluva change in my game.
Agreed. He looked like a duffle bag.
Ha. Yeah he in the short cut range now. He needs to give up the "comb forward". Needs t keep it at 1/4 of an inch from here on out. His whole get up was weird. I don't know that the jacket helped...
Tiger looked pretty defeated in the interview on golf channel this morning.
You still got ripped off
Booo... where is the thumbs down button.... I want to retrieve that thumbs up I gave you earlier...
I finally sprung for the GHIN membership and got my first revision after playing golf all summer.....which sucks because I could have been considerably lower at certain points but not sure. I can go back and calculate it again I guess. Regardless, I am trending upward with a 12.0 revision. Well deserved IMHO.
I guess it doesn't show up on the mobile version.
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