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Dimple pattern is different on yours than were on mine. If you look closely you can see the different sized dimples on mine. Yours are uniform all over.They don't look like ProV1s.
Those look a little NXT tour or DT Solo balls.
I agree here. I think the elimination challenges are a little lack luster for some reason. Maybe they need another hole. I think they should do a par five, four and three in no particular order. Plus it seems like everyone likes each other but doesn't like Anthony. I don't really like conflict but maybe it made for a good show.
Paige is average at best. A lot of make up and camera work to get her to TV presence. Hate to pick at her because there is nothing wrong with what she looks like but she is not TV hottie material.
  Geezus, I got a headache reading this... I like to work on something in the range before a round, get it sorted and completely disregard it once I start playing. Also I like the color red...tees, bag, marker...etc...  
Katie has to be kicking herself nonstop after this. I like the challenges they had on this show. Much more imaginative than hitting 100 yard pitch shots.
43° and spitting rain...debating on playing.... Would have two hours before steady rain...
If the other guys feel like it, they might be able to get into Anthony's head a little bit. I am just not sure it will be a benefit. He has golfed angry for a lot of years.
You can still putt in bed...
Three of them in three consecutive days! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2236325-81-year-old-golfer-dom-debonis-hits-a-hole-in-one-on-3-consecutive-days
New Posts  All Forums: