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Yea.....12 inches here
Yeah I was real tentative about going Sunday but it was pretty darn solid.
Ha mine was too but I worked on it for 4 days and actually walking 8 miles on the golf course had it feeling awesome. It was a great fall day here and @boogielicious and I had a great time on a warm day in the Northeast playing one of our best courses (IMHO) in New Hampshire.
Perfect for me HA! @WUTiger there are a ton of different web interviews about this...
Ya think? Anyone who fabricates a relationship and/or presents a personal situation to the public before telling the party involved is wacked.
You might as well put me on the list too. She's cutesy but not hot.
Haney again appears sour and bitter when asked about giving the new coach advice. Stating expectations are pretty low at this point for coaching Tiger...
I know that but it is a lame amount of evidence for the amount of attention
I agree in part here. I don't think he's ever spent time with her. He was probably drunk and gave her his phone number. They probably text some small talk and he blew her off. She obviously has two phones already and more than likely text herself the conversation with Phelps' name. He was in rehab and couldn't use a phone apparently and could not refute it or just let it go to fizzle out. Just my speculation. It's is interesting to me to see how much press this has gotten...
Assumptions make asses out of people, works for you in this case. I brought a topic in and this was the main idea. Erik usually changes titles so I made it to help the search engine find. Take your sour over sensitive response to another thread if you don't like it.Truth is that I could care less what your sexual orientation is as long as all parties are on board and happy. I (and I believe no one else cares, God etc) don't care about what you do with yourself on earth or...
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