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That would have been no fun.
They have Dick's in the Bahamas?
I tried to look you guys up by user name but it didn't work. Only by your real names.
It is weird because Rankin is usually pretty negative on the players.
I kinda wonder here too. Maybe she wasn't looking at the ball when replaced it and didn't remember where she had actually picked it up from. I don't think I have ever done that but everyone is different. Her reaction to it was completely incorrect.
Good thing you didn't get the orange dot because those are 2.5 degrees flat.
Usually takes me about 4 days if buckle down and focus on the reasons why I am playing crappy in the first place. Looking at your misses and determining what your flaw is and correct it. Yips, shanks or chunky fat shots, mostly due to head movement or getting off your front foot too much. Keys 1 and 2 like previously stated.
Tiger needs a caddy that can coach him during tournaments that he will listen to. I know this probably a impossible feat, but I am pretty sure he knows what he wants to accomplish and if he could have his caddy pick up on his swing flaws and let him know what he is doing. Obviously he doesn't has a slow motion camera so some of the nuances would be impossible to discern. i don't know, it seems like he just tries too hard during tournaments.
A lot of good points were made but a guy that tops my list is Ernie Els. He dresses like a an old grandpa. I am sure his pants aren't cheap but they look it....kind of Caddyshackesk when they dressed up for the yacht christening . Pleats and old style shoes... I swear he puts on velcro new balance shoes after the round is over...
Worked on distance tonight and found where I was lacking, hip shift was missing. Fired off a couple of long drives and solid wedge distance. I may hit the range Wednesday and try to video some.
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