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You are probably right, which is why I said mild. I was not necessarily referring to course play exclusively either.
Oye @WilsonWedgeMan.... I just feel like Bubba is a trick shot artist that can putt. He can dissect a golf course with his distance. Most of the trick shot guys don't have a short game to make it in the pga. I think he's fun to watch, I also think he battles depression or a mild bipolar issue. I don't think he is anything special off course. Needing religion is a character flaw in my book but if it makes you feel fuzzy inside I have no problem with it as long as you...
My offers are 10 hours away.
Mary beat Sara Brown...
Hmmm....no and I don't think I want to...
In theory yes but some people use shorter drivers and still achieve good distance.
Anthony Kim did this as well.
Well I would say its accurate. Most of the girls hit drives 230ish and she probably wanted to hit to her strength, the 100 yd marker.
That is just it. My PW is used dually as a scoring club and full swing club. Since I have been playing the Mizunos the PW tends to go way farther than my Pings with my choked down shots. I was thinking of dropping the loft down with a SM5 to dial in a 115-120 yard shot because it seems like I use my PW for more choked down scoring shots than full swing shots. Of course I may just need to practice with the distance too instead of using the SM5. It is almost a buy both...
I ordered my vokeys with the same shafts as my full set.
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