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 I was just contemplating this myself. I have using a choked down PW to make 125 yard shots but since I got my new irons, the normal swing for that has turned into a 130-135 shot. I may just go with a 52 degree vokey instead of getting the GAP for my set...
Ugh. 89. I was at a 34 after 8 holes and the wheels came off. I presumably started getting off my front foot and hitting the worst shots. only parring 3 holes out of the next eleven. I had a triple bogey, three double bogey's....and 3 bogey's that crushed my round. Tee shots failed me miserably.
She actually gets to perpendicular to the ground on many swings.
Sadena for the win this weekend. Helluva final round.   http://www.lpga.com/golf/news/2014/7/on-other-tours-parks-wins-sefcu-championship-at-capital-hills.aspx
Now that is what I am talking about!
Everyone in politics never celebrates anything. I don't see any recovery either.
Enjoy those stix my friend!
Yea just ask Obama...
Don't they charge you double?
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