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Agreed. Good enough to hold up his position but not enough to hold off the caliber of players in the mix.
Great putt Day!
Cmon Day!
Not before Jason's Day at the beach...
Bingo. I want the season to finish out sans any long putter wins. I can't help but root against anyone who uses it.
90% sure it is a tfcc tear... Golf is dead to me now... I'm on early winter mode where I don't even want to watch the golf channel. Plus the Grand Slam hangover is still fresh sapping my golf interests even more. I told my girlfriend that I don't want to watch the golf channel anymore and she said that she's worried about me.
Was turning the corner...
There are a few things that do not work with some browsers with the android but most works fine. For example, uploading pics doesn't work in firefox but does in the samsung browser. If the "@" function doesn't show, your settings are not in full html. Mine switched out the other day somehow and was on basic. It is a hassle sometimes with function on the mobile in general.
They did such a great job enforcing it....Even a ranger breaking the rules.. I heard the camera also but these guys just have to make these shots even with the noise.
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