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I did not see it. I get so much crap in my inbox that all the golf stuff gets filtered to a special folder, and they send stuff too often.
Hmmm... At least robots won't spit in your food. The article almost sounds like its from the onion. I hear that since golf enthusiasts expect perfection from the top players, the PGA is implementing robot players at the start of 2017.
What video?
There are mixed opinions with using clubs of this caliber to start with. Some will say not to because of the lack of forgiveness or in other words, lack of performance with poor contact which would lead to less enjoyment initially of the game. Others would state that if you didn't know any better, you would learn to hit the clubs eventually and end up being more accurate because of the requirements of the club.   They are great clubs so if you can get through the early...
Managed to throw together some pig this weekend. 11 hours of smoking....  
I have noticed less accurate approach distances. I'll shoot the flag but gg distance is shorter. The accuracy is frequently off the mark too. I have had shots in the middle of the fairway show up in the rough. I don't know if I need to stand at a touch spot longer...
I thought after you and @mvmac tested them, you were gaming them.
Average looks but hopefully a good person. Super hot chix rarely equal stability.
 Fowler for the win...
  What did you do with the G30's?  
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