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Poor ball striking.
Geez these balls are garbage for someone who has a swing speed over 100. I'm pretty sure if you are expecting tourish performance you would be disappointed with those marshmallows.
Does your head tilt to the right? This doesn't sound good.
I've seen other people with really weak grips like this but they are never very good golfers or long hitters.
There was another ball in there. Is he positive he is hitting the right one? That would add insult to injury.
These kind of posts always not my network offline. Do you have a direct link to this?
The main character in the video looks like he has a 80 mph swing.
If I get and stay healthy, I should be better. Probably about 3-4 strokes better. I was shooting quite a bit lower before I was on the dl.
http://www.diamondtour.com/dtg-felon-illegal-driver.html   These reviewers hack on the burner drivers...   http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/bullet-golf-b52-bomber-500cc-driver.html   OP this was a pretty simple find... Were you just bored and just asked the question without searching the net
New Posts  All Forums: