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25 degrees with a feels like of 14... I don't think you are missing anything.
I was shocked meself... http://www.nonesuchgolf.com/
Sposda be 32° and sunny tomorra with one of our courses has enough snow cleared to play 9 holes! I want to go! @boogielicious you up for it?
I say nay, only because I would have used chili sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon instead...
Stroke from a chiropractic adjustment is put out there as a possibility however I have never seen any proof that someone actually has ever had one from it and I have looked for years. Only hearsay or fraudulent lawsuits. If you find a legitimate case I would love to see it.Many statements of "over treatment" were made by medical doctors to dissuade people from using chiropractic. One of the chiropractic associations sued the AMA and won for disseminating false information...
I am not sure what you are saying but you quote your college roommate for your reference when I was talking on that previous subject. If you can provide scientific proof for any of your statements or direct unbiased studies I'll be glad to consider them.
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. I get it.
Show us your science. Of course body building magazines promote multiple meals. Who do you think owns most of the magazines or supports them? Supplement makers.There is hard evidence against multiple meals and really only repeated statements of perceived logic in magazines for multiple meals.It's not that what you do won't work, it's just not efficient and goes against biological function of the body. There is no law that the body can't use and assimilate 50 grams of...
Wrong wrong wrong
Thank god you said it.
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