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I wish Charlie Rymer would stop trying to be funny and doing his "skits"... Horrible.
The guys from Aimpoint will be on morning drive this today. I don't know if it is too late to catch it...
Did you take it back and ask "where's the beef?"
http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/mit-researcher-glyphosate-herbicide-will-cause-half-of-all-children-to-have-autism-by-2025/#sthash.gv2Setja.dpuf   Not related to vaccines but related to autism.
Had I not had my daughter last weekend I would have rocked some golf. Saturday it is supposed to snow and be cold as hell. So much for hitting the links. Sux that I haven't swung a club in over a month.
I agree with this but the truly depressed individuals rarely open up, deny or hide it regardless of who is talking about it.
I fail to see how this comment is relevant, which is based on the same reasons you provided with your comment. Your personal opinion. We were casting out our experiences and observations. Sadly I know way more (than I really cared to) about this subject than the average joe. We are skeptical just because of the behavior just as anyone could be. Of the millions of depressed individuals out there, very few want to draw attention continually to their condition....
That is also because of the Euro tour too. Their camera guys can never find the balls...
Grievances are sh@tty drivers that are Xmas shopping. Feats of strength were during my work out. Festivus miracle... Nothing yet...
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