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Umm... Can I borrow your dvd... and level... and....
Can't let the snow stop me....
Duh.... This show is always a complete ruse. Trailers are always bs.
After I posted it I thought that it didn't feel that warm so I looked to see which weather station was being used. It was the an elementary school and they are always high temp wise. Some 3rd grader was probably breathing on it.... It was 47...although I did get some color yesterday after being outside.
58 today in the valley! Wooot!
Ha, good one... You and Jacobson should take your acts on the road...
Hat would have been a great addition to today's outfit...
I saw this. Had I not, I would swear it was photoshopped.
I am embarrassed by guys who act this way... I am always respectful no matter where I am at. Talking like this is a form of bullying.
Jacobson often does comedy acts other than the cheese he provides occasionally for broadcasts. Those routines are often far reaching for humor and appear Benny Hill-ish except in a serious attempt in humor.
New Posts  All Forums: