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Sweet! Round is on you!
Get yer butt up and watch the morning drive! You teachers and your lazy summer.
She's cute but he better wait a while before settling down.
Usually, if I start off with a triple bogey on the first hole, it makes it tough to shoot in the low 80's. Since I am not a "birdie machine" yet, scoring like that can affect the rest of the round.
 What was that corded thing on your waist? And why didn't you give us an option to come to the Albany shin dig.
Not surprised that @RFKFREAK has a chain on his wallet....That looked a little over the top too...
Generally you can make adjustments anytime. How much are you looking at Ap1s at?
Paige with the heels and golf instruction...
Ha you must be short like me. Mine are at 2° now but if I have a problem I will consider that option, thanks
I had been playing the MP33's and liked them quite a bit but had some mishits of the toe occasionally that cost me yardage. I reviews on the AP2's and and like that they were a little more forgiving with toe hits. I tried them out quite a few times and loved the feel and the way they looked at address. I also decided that I wanted to go with new R&D and decided that I did not want to change irons again for several years.
New Posts  All Forums: