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Last I knew they were both f****** men and I think a man can take a little criticism. Phil has every right to have his opinion express it as he sees fit. They're just words anyway. They are both hall of famers and I think they are on level ground. Why you have to tip toe around everyone in this damn country? No wonder shit is so screwed up.
Can I make my pick now? You have no idea....
Can I make my pick now?
Finally got my distance and ball striking back. I just needed to be more deliberate with my swing. IE swing harder. I was hitting the ball solid and working it well. Much happier with the swing.
   Maybe Phil and the guys had some ideas and they fell on deaf ears and he was frustrated. Let him say it. Sometimes you have to say something and accept that it is not the popular opinion. 
or golf could just be in the Olympics....
Horschel's performance at the Accenture Match Play should have been taken into consideration. I agree on Sneds too.
Don't tell that to @Spitfisher. I think Haas would have been a way better choice than Watson or Simpson, let alone Bradley.
Players that want to play, inform the coach during the season. Then understand all the picks will be made at the last possible moment. It is golf. It is not like they are going to do any extra prep.
I honestly would not have brought Bradley or Watson. Bradley barely made the team and Watson is a 50/50 player. If his head is in the match, he is golden. If he is out of it, he doesn't pull it back in at any point.
New Posts  All Forums: