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your back shoulder? so both v's point to the rear?   I am confused now
 Mizuno Skintite for me   Almost feels like no glove its that thin
The first they would be hearing from me would be a letter from my solictor when i sue them for infringement of trading descriptions
Play with your own clubs. If you play good/bad at least you know it wasnt the equipment
It does wear them out. Big time
Every three games, if I am playing for money or in a comp, I always use a new one   I will also only use a Mizuno Skintite   Very superstitious about gloves
I have tried many different things for cleaning grips and I find Windolene the best, I think they call it windex in the USA
I thought Portrush looked waaaaay too easy to host an open.   I would like to see it played it N.I as well but I think RCD would be a much better option than Portrush.
 no its not a joke.   I am married to my wife, hopefully forever!   I dont go out drinking, leering at women and I am a great dad.   My father in law thought that it showed some balls to even try it as most men wouldnt dare
so if he won one or two tournaments a year and that just happened to be an open or a masters he wouldn't measure up?
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