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I have missed out on quite a few things for a game of golf.......   My main one was missing my wedding rehearsal and arranging for someone to stand in for me (my wife loved that)   Come the big day I had no clue what was happening
    thanks mizuno guy.   I learnt that from a guy at a mizuno fitting bizarrely!
    is that rough smack bang in the centre of the green with a penalty for grounding your club in it?
    Why not just make the green smaller?   I think that from ANYWHERE on the green it should be POSSIBLE that you should be able to make a one putt   Even if that means its very unlikely   With greens like that we would need a BUR stat (bunker in regulation)
    I am gonna stick my neck above the parapet and say I disagree   I know thats its against all "knowledge" but I find grips that are too thin can also result in a slice and too much grip pressure needed to hold the club at the top of the backswing
would it be the density that makes a ball feel heavier?
my normal ball is a 330rx   but I can hit other balls and they feel heavier?   Am I imagining it?   In my head a srixon z star feels "light" and others feels "heavy" off the clubface   make sense?    
83 or 1 over for 9 holes
     well said
because they are generally full of "part time" golfers that play slow, don't fix their divots and generally have no idea about golf   normally have good food though
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