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plus the pro's short game would be that much better
Stan Utley for a short game lesson   I like his basic, easy to understand approach
    I always assumed that if you move an OOB post marking the edge of the course, you are momentarily moving the perimeter of the course?   My funny logic i guess
    Thanks, thats how I read that question as well.   This is a forum for open and supposedly honest conversation so I am expecting to be called on my posts, as I did post to provoke peoples thoughts on the subject
    Would that still include the fact that golf courses have been lengthened somewhat since then?
    My pal moved an OOB stake the other day when we were playing and I told him that it wasn't allowed.   Was that the correct ruling?   Sorry for the partial thread hijack btw but its kinda relevant
    Shall we start putting water hazards in the middle of the green as well?    I have played a course with an out of bounds 5 yards from the fringe before which was a real bum-twitcher
    I don't know why but that made me piss myself laughing
I.e a Lee Westwood, Tiger Woods etc   They are using 20 year old equipment    By "scratch" golfer I mean an average club professional   Very strange question i know but I would love to hear peoples thoughts on the subject
maybe I should just learn to relax    Coming from Britain though I find more and more courses are doing these things to try and get some interest   Another hole I dont like is the 16th at St Mellion, Cornwall   Its got massive mounds of rough (about ten in total) in the middle of the fairway   I dont even think a touring pro could decide where to put his ball on that hole  
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