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people that dont turn up also
you are right on the money there!   menu hasn't changed in three years
Mine is people that can't phone ahead for food when in my group.   On my course, which is always busy there is a board with a phone number on the 7th hole so by the turn your food is ready for pick up.   I still have a friend that insists he doesn't know what he wants until hole 9 so we wait around for 10 mins while they prepare it and there are groups waiting to play through   Bugs the sh1t out of me
Mine has just arrived all the way to sunny England only around a week from initial order!   Can I find some better instructions?   I cant make sense of the ones I received!  
my summer is already ruined ;(   I am hitting the worst shots of my life.   Tomorrow i will try the deep hands drills and get back with a video this week
Thank you for taking the time to reply, I will look at the "deep hands" thread now.   May I ask a question please?   As an instructor, if someone came to you after playing for three years, but wanted to completely start from scratch would that sound odd? I.e lets completely start again, train me like I have never played before, a complete blank piece of paper. I am a dedicated trainer and would work really hard to improve.   I am bored of spending money on...
  I have recently come back from a bad shoulder injury and have had 6 months out of the game.   I have played twice in that time and from being around a 14hcp before (on tough hard links type courses) with excellent ball striking (bad driving and putting but great with compression and wedges etc) I would now struggle to break 100   I am hitting all sorts of problems that are making me look like I have never played golf before - tops, big slices, low hooks, high...
Even if they did shut their doors forever and the tournament was never televised again, you would have people queueing to the moon in thunder and lightning to join up.  Who wouldn't like to play their?   My wife goes to an all women Yoga group, does it mean I should be able to go as it "infringes my rights"?   The members aren't interested in public image or money as most of them are retired anyway.   If they did stop the sponsorship it would only add to...
i have just ordered one, so hopefully should get it soon   it didnt have an option for shipping to uk though, so just entered my address?   google order number 545678255294574   thanks
i would like one shipped to the uk can you help?
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