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for me it would be the ability to keep track of stableford scores without having to enter the stroke index for every hole   i used to use golfcard all the time until some idiot changed it   for score tracking i use oob golf  
 I love your knowledge of primates
My friends think its hilarious how even tempered I am.   When things are going great, or going really badly my mood is the same.   It never used to be this way and my golf suffered.     If I hit a massive 800 yd to the right slice, I may utter something along the lines of "need to put a touch more draw spin on the next one".   I have hit eight Pro v1's into the same water hazard before without even so much as a swearword.   If you let golf get to...
I have no idea why it was so expensive either.   Visited "Spanish Point" very close by, which was a beautiful Irish village right on the coast.   Apparently the name comes from the fact a Spanish fishing boat crashed on the rocks in days gone by.
This is slightly off topic but relevant......   I went to Ireland in the summer of this year to play some golf and my observations are the following.   Lahinch was great Doonbeg was awesome Portmarnock is the most overrated,stuffy,self appreciating pile of shite I have ever played (mainly due to the welcome received)   If I had to choose my favourite course on a £ per smile factor, my favourite course would have been Blackbushe. I think thats how you...
  Sorry my English sarcasm musn't of translated well from the brain to the keyboard........      
Is that not a loose obstruction or moveable impediment?
Golf not by the rules?   Where does that stop?   Not letting people through, mulligans, gimmes over 8ft?   I am not forcing the rules on anyone.   The R and A and the USPGA do that for me.   Just put yourself down for level par next time you play, and forget about that 8 on the par 5    
  We do always play for money so your point is moot.   And besides which, are you telling me that you would rather win by not playing by the rules?   Its not being a Nazi its playing golf, not my interpretation of golf.    
I am the guy that ruins my pals Sunday morning round.   If I am playing - its by the rules - or I wont play with you
New Posts  All Forums: