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I used to be "that guy".   Now I smile when I hit a bad shot (even though it still drives me mad).   I am lucky to be able to play golf in the current economic climate.   Now I smile and joke (and get invited to more games)
Thats a great video.   No bullshit, just good tips which are easy to follow.   I have seen some of this guys vids on youtube and they are all very good    
This happened to me the other day   Duffed my bunker shot into an animals burrow in the face of the bunker   Couldnt find it for a while
my advice would be - go and play somewhere you have always wanted to play, even if expensive   then rather than thinking about the golf - remember why you play - take a good look around   to be outside, with our friends in beautiful parts of the world   if that doesnt work, get drunk
I wont leave the house without a spare glove, 2 granola bars, a powerdade, a bag full of tees, at least 7-8 spare balls and my gps fully charged.   I also clean my clubs after every round and clean all of the crap from my bag.   I change my spikes as soon as they get worn and have my shades in my bag (always clean and ready to go)   I hate forgetting things and will have waterproof tops and trousers as well as waterproof gloves.   I also change my ball...
I would say the course I am playing in two weeks time is tougher. www.st-mellion.co.uk   Knee high rough to the left of every hole on a steep incline (impossible to hit driver, its too narrow), and water to the right of nearly every fairway.   Some par fours are a 210 yard carry over water to a fairway about as wide as a postage stamp. The next shot is also over water about 230 yards with a stream across the back of the green and water front and right.   The...
does grip have an effect on swingpath/plane?
try the two inch aiming point found in "the impact zone" i.e aiming your eyes two inches in front of the ball
can someone tell me why a neutral grip feels so out of control and lacks power?   but the opposite is true?
so does this mean my instructor sounds like he knows what he is talking about?
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