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Btw I had a strong grip before
Had a lesson today - I was convinced before I got there that I was swinging OTT Instructor said no way - if anything its inside out. He said my grip was causing lack of release - I asked if I should try and roll hands over earlier - he said that's a no-no and that release is the effect of good grip pressure, swing path and grip being neutral. It felt horrible going to neutral grip, if anything I felt like I had metal rods in my arms. I couldn't argue with the results...
  If you miss the green in reg and take one more shot plus two putts thats only a bogey? Also have you checked your wedges arent too upright?     I have mine bent flatter which helps.   Tempo, Tempo, Tempo with the wedges.   I cant reach most greens in reg but I still get quite a few birdies    
Bubba Watson thinks he is way better than he really is
That rough doesn't look bad at all.   Try playing on a links course with rough grown upto your knees and see how you get on..............    
If the par of the course is 69, 70 or 71 and he shoots mid 80's (i.e 85 or 86)   71 + 14 = 85?    
I have three wedges (Vokeys) plus a picthing wedge.   52* 8 (raw) which is use from 90 yards and in and all pitch and chip shots, very easy to get a hop and stop with this one. Also good for a low bump and run off the back foot.   56* 12 (raw) which I use for all fluffy lie type shots and explosion from fluffy bunkers. Also nice from a damp fairway as the bounce stops it from digging in too much.   60* 6 (black nickel) which I use from hardpan, dry fairways...
I played with a scratch golfer yesterday (I know this as he is my club pro)   I have seen him play before and the guy is brilliant.   I swear to god he must have hit about 20 duck hooks (irons and woods)   He didnt make any excuses either apart from (I seem to be clearing my hips too quickly etc etc)   It can happen to the best of us
Practice putting with a hybrid when on the fringe
The best week in, week out?   You would assume from your comments that you mean the majority of the top ten then?   Why are 60% Europeans then?   You talk out of your backside!   The last four major winners aren't American either    
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