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I use a pushcart 90% of the time.  The only time I ride is if I am on certain courses or it is a best ball / social round.  I have a Clicgear 3.0 which I bought a couple of years ago and I love it.  It has a cooler bag which straps easily on and I also have the gps holder as well.  I like the cart because it holds a lot of stuff and I get good exercise when I play.  More importantly, I have saved a ton of money in cart fees.  My Clicgear paided for itself in a 1/2 a year.
As a golfer who struggles with getting to 99 I have found that consistent play is the key.  What is hurting me this year is I will have three great holes in row, have something bad happen, then watch the wheels fall off for six more holes.  I then repeat it on the back nine.  What kills me is that I have been in position to make birdie / par / bogey many times then I will botch something easy (three putt is my theme this year).  In 10 rounds this year I have two birdies...
If I know I am going to play a course I haven't played before I do a couple of things:   1 - Google Earth the course and get a general layout of each hole.  Sometimes I even use the yardage tool to get some distances.  I make notes about holes that look like they might give me trouble and refer to that notebook during my round.   2 - Get to the course early and hit the driving range.  By warming up and getting a good swing tempo established helps boost my...
I saw my buddy this morning who is a manager at one of the local country clubs here in Iowa.  He said that they would love to open up in the next couple of weeks if the weather keeps getting better but he is concerned about his course due to the frost line going down to 48" this year.  He already knows that he will have irrigation issues for sure but wants to make the sure the ground has some recovery time as well.
Wow, a weekend with Natalie Gublis!  And you get to play golf too!
4 courses in the last 20 rounds.  I have a regular Sunday game at my home course and I played league at another
I have been looking at the new Nike VR X3X wedges and was curious about the grinds.  What is the difference between the dual wide grind and the toe sweep grind? 
I pledge to create a golfer in 2014.
Seeing how I have four of the Rotella's books I say he is a good one.  However, one of the first books I read on the mental game and approach was Dr. Joe Parent "Zen Golf."  I have found myself going back to this book every year because I like the Zen warrior approach to golf.
I do a lot of wedge practice in my back yard using trees and birdfeeder posts as a the pins / targets.
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