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Haha I stole the idea from the guys that paint their airsoft and paintball guns digital.  I should try to get them to do Boo's woods in digital though.  That would be sweet!
Thanks guys, I have a g15 3 wood so I am probably going to do that white first.  Maybe this weekend I will do it.  I will post up pics when I do.
I used a lacquer paint and it holds up really well minus the trip back from florida with 3 big suitcases on it.  As far as prep I used a mouse hand sander to take the factory paint off and then used 2000 grit over it all to make sure it was nice and smooth.  Then I used a primer and started in with my first color.  I put a clear lacquer over it all but because there are so many layers of paint I think it made the finish not as perfect as I would like.  But the first coat...
Its not bad for me, I was going to get a small skull and crossbone sticker to put where the arrows were but ran out of time.  I put lines on all my golf balls though so I line up my tee shots and putts with that line so thats what I focus my eyes on.
thanks for all the comments guys.  Like I said I am eventually going to redo it white.  I just thought it would be cool to do something different.  And surprisingly its not distracting at all(to me atleast) when hitting it.
I made the stencils by taping wax paper to a clip board, I then took 3in painters tape over he wax paper.  Next I printed off digital camo onto paper with 1/4 inch squares and taped that over the tape and wax paper.  Then used a razor to cut the paper out making sure I cut the tape and wax paper.  Then you peel the wax paper off and place the sticker(tape) where you want it.   To paint it I sanded the driver down and taped it off.  Then sprayed a primer on it.  Then you...
thanks guys, it got screwed up when I was down in Florida because my dad threw our bags on my golf bag so I might end up redoing it here soon in white.  Id like to get a small skull and cross bone sticker to put in the middle where the alignment arrows usually are.  I ran out of time to do it on this one because I had to leave for Florida but I will post pics of when I paint it white.
Hey guys I got bored one day and decided since I bough my ping g15 used with ball marks on it that I would repaint it.  I was going to paint it white but decided on something a little different...I hope you guys like it!  
I guess its time to change your name on here now! haha
    Thanks for the response.  The golf pro that fit me told me the same about my hips.  Its something that I try to work on but I have had 3 left knee surgeries.  Two acls and one meniscus tear, so its hard for my to get my weight shifted.  I am getting back into shape and working out my knee though so hopefully it will get better with time.   
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