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I know exactly how you feel, I also dropped to a 19.6.   Congrats, it feels great to not be in the 20s
I got my first one back in may. We were on vacation on myrtle beach it was a par 4. Since then I've gotten a few more mostly on par 5's. I have still yet to get one on a par 3. 
If you want to go cheap look at the callaway x it is a great wood. 
  The miyazaki shafts.  Great shafts. 
I would have asked for a refund.         I live right next to canton. I will make sure to avoid that course. 
The baffler is a great club. I'd also check out the cleveland mashie. You can pick them up used for under $75. Great clubs and great shaft.    Not a huge fan of the ping's I had the g15 and found it to have too much offset not positive about the 20 compared to the 15 though. 
I also have the 3w HL.   I suggest it. Easier to hit from the deck. 
Get fitted!
I really like the puma monoline. The backside is spandex like material so its breathable. Great for comfort and the summer. 
 Anytime you want to play.
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