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I don't record my putting with GolfPad, just use it for shot distances & put the one putt to mark that I finished the hole.
Also wanted to attach a recent round I recorded with GolfPad.http://www.golfpadgps.com/view/#/round/RUB23U/1
Wanted to post an update, my scores have dropped and I can now break 80. My issue is consistency, I'll go 77 one round & then shoot 97 the next. I've narrowed it down to the 2nd shot and my putting(Short putts). Alot of the putting issue is a problem between the ears that I'll have to fix, but I wanted to see if there was any suggestions for my second shot. It either goes short and straight or long and right.  
Usually loft can be found on the driver head & flex can be found on the shaft. 
Tiger has the numbers on his side, so I'd vote Tiger. Personally I'd love to see it come down to Augusta next year to see which happens.
Its a shame whenever a golf club closes, looked at the place from google maps & it looks like a great place to golf. Hopefully the ownership situation gets sorted out.
Similar thing happened to my bag earlier this year, used it as a excuse to get a new bag. But if you are satisfied with the bag you have I'd also recommend a shoe repair shop.
Nike Air Sport carry bag, a pair of shorts and a glove. I'm promising myself that the bag will be my last big golf buy this year, need to save up for a Macbook!
GPS/Rangefinders can be very useful and helpful in advancing the ball to an exact yardage, but the guy referenced in the first post really should not own one. Probably should have taken the money he spent on the rangefinder and gotten some lessons!
I don't have a hybrid, so I'd play either a 4i with a mid iron approach shot, or a controlled 3w with a wedge shot. I'm not reliable enough with driver and my sand game is kinda streaky, so I'd rather play safe and walk out with par.
New Posts  All Forums: