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Well, I officially practiced golf every day in July. Did some slow motion drills today. Overall I can feel the swing getting better.
Range work on clearing dem hips. Shakira shakira. Spent about 30 minutes trying to get those hips not to lie.
Worked on the full swing, slow mo... focusing on clearing the hips without falling backwards
Finally starting to make good contact with the full swing. Practiced driver and irons on the range for about an hour.
Worked on slow motion full swings for 15 minutes
Busy day today. Hit 90 balls on the range in 103 temps. Hot as hell....
Continued backswing work in a mirror. This game is hard.
Worked on slow motion swings for about 15 minutes
Great session working on the backswing some more, starting to get it grooved. Spent an hour at the range.
Took a lesson yesterday so had plenty to work on today. Primarily focused on keeping the club from getting inside on the takeaway. It's a move I've struggled with since I started this game. Hit 30 balls and then played 21 chipping and putting.
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