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@inthecup you can download a demo of the software @ https://www.hightail.com/download/UW16Q1ZxU1AzMWx4Tk1UQw   When you install it, it will come up and say "dongle not found", if you click "Demo" it will let you play 3 holes of a few courses.  I'm in the same boat as you, have the unit but haven't bought the software yet.  You can effectively use the course demo as a driving range by setting it to 8 players and just teeing off 8 times and then restarting the...
Well, 1 year and 1 month later and we finally got the bigger house with the theater room that is big enough to handle a simulator. Ordered the GC2 on Friday, Ordered the Impact Screen today, gotta find a projector and then I'm all set. Can't wait
We play $1 greenies but if you are putting for a greenie and 3 putt, you pay everyone else... and if you are putting for a greenie and you make birdy you get double
My league plays a modified stableford   8 points eagle 4 points birdy 2 points par 1 point bogey 0 points double -1 triple -2 quad or worse   Pick up at quad
Impossible to guess a handicap based on 1 iron swing.  That might be your best swing, or your worst.  Your short game might be awful, or it might be fantastic.   Based on 1 solo swing, in a backyard, off of a matt, into a net.... I'd guess around a 12.
Good advise here already, but I'll pile on.  I picked up golf in 2009 and it took me until 2011 to bring 100.  Since 2011 I've broken 80 5 times.  Here's what worked for me.   1) Don't play the tips.  Move up to the tee box that leaves you 150 yards into par 4's on average.  So if you hit your driver 200, don't play tees with a bunch of 380-440 par 4's.   2) Video your swing.  One thing that is certain with every golf swing... just because it feels like you're doing...
Year 4 (Started Sep 2009)   Broke 80 Twice Dropped to an 11.5 handicap Finally got some confidence with the driver (been my biggest problem for the first 3 years) averaging closer to 240-250 now instead of the old 210-220... and even occasionally get one out there 280-310 (gps verified)   and, most importantly   Won 2 tournaments!
I wouldn't take Google Earth's elevation data at face value.  It is believed that google earth takes samples of an entire area to smooth out data for elevation with a margin of error of +/- 30m.     This thread tells the tale.   http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/earth/3Th8MuHzKtE
Google search for ottawa golf simulator discussion   Those guys have lengthy write-ups and discussions about every simulator on the market.  I have personally used the Optishot which is a very low end simulator and will tell you that it would do more harm than good for someone that is new to the game.  Also, for someone that is new I would definitely make sure you get a full netting enclosure.... those wayward shots will break windows and put holes in the walls if you...
Those blowups come from allowing mistakes to compound.  I'm guilty of it too.... I'm that guy that shoots 89 in a tournament with a 13 on a par 4 (happened this year).     The trick is to not let one bad shot lead to another.  Take each shot as an individual event.  It's a helluva lot harder than it sounds, but if you can learn to do that, the blowups that used to be +5's will suddenly be +2's instead.     Another tip that I've found works for me is playing the course...
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