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As a recognized sports figure who makes his living off of the generosity of others and not really working a job, but playing a game, Tiger does owe something to the Golf Fans. He puts the fans on the course and the people in front of the TV but without the Tournament Sponsors, And his Companies that sponsor him, he would be squat. Those SPONSORS expect certain things of their EMPLOYEES! One of those, especially in this case is to maintain a certain PUBLIC IMAGE. Right...
$750 MIllion? OMG, I have a cousin that has represented some pretty rich folks. Never has one of them settled out of court for anywhere near that number. Tiger and his attorneys would have said "whoa, wait a minute there darlin' we'll take this to court and let a judge decide if a shot of leg from you is worth that." No way he's paying that out.
By 250 carry, I am assuming everyone is talking about the flight distance that the ball goes through the air. That being said, I would take a drive that carries 250. Most of the time a drive that carries 250 will end up being a 270-280 yard or more drive, depending upon the terrain and if the course is dry. That would mean even on some of the longest par 4's I would be hitting 9 irons and wedges. As opposed to 6,7,8 irons. I can consistantly drive about 270 and 280. I do...
Take all your stuff out of your right pocket, put it in your left. Take a tee, put it behind your left ear. Turn your hat around backwards. Now tie your left shoe in a double bow. Now don't hit a ball for 2 days and come back and tell us how you hit it then.
Nice Sandbagging.
Well said brgolf. Distance is a good thing to have. I would take 20 yards less if I were promised to be in the fairway everytime. Some of the lies you end up with in even the short rough just aren't worth the added distance. And that's my opinion. Not meant to be gospel.
I still will take my Old Wilson Staff 5 and 7 irons to the range and hit 40-50 balls with them. The reason is the instant feedback on mishits. This allows me to make adjustments as necessary to my swing. However, I still play my 08 Big Bertha's . Just for the fact that they are forgiving and minimize the effects of bad shots. I think it is wonderful that Sean is still hitting that Mac Vip Driver. That stick was the bomb back in the day when I first started playing.
Dear Shanks, How are you today. I am assuming that by looking at your handicap, you have quit shooting those chili peppers up Lee Janzen's ass. I believe the average golfer, and me as you can tell by my pic, being of inferior intelligence, agree with the many definitions of sweet spot that you so aptly posted earlier. However, I believe that while not making a sweet spot larger, they, the manufacturers, have made the clubs more forgiving and increased the area of...
LoL! No couselor, I think the "point" has been made! ROFLMAO!
Distance is a wonderful thing, when it's good distance ie fairway, first cut etc. I am lucky that I hit the ball out there a ways. I have learned that unless it's a fairly wide open area to drive to, without much trouble, to choke my driver and hit it about 270-280 depending upon the fairway being flat uphill down hill whatever. This leaves me usually with a relatively short iron to most greens. When I say choke, I mean I swing about 90% and grip my driver down about a...
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