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Was wondering what you all thought on the best iPhone GPS app?! I have been looking, but dont know which interface worked the best for everyone else... (pending on if my courses are included in the course list) Thanks!!
My dream set would include what i have, but i would get upgrade my shafts to something that would suit my desired play type! I would use some Project X for my irons, but would definately change my driver and 3 wood shafts to something different other than stock.
Anthony Kim chokes up on his club and doesn't look goofy! I like my 47" shaft on my driver for those holes have big fairways... I can also choke up on my driver for more accurate drives. A great driving tip that many pro's use at the range is to tee up 5 balls and swing at 20% on up to 100%, then they see which is the most accurate and farthest. That drill has helped me out tons! I am usually my best at 80%, but being a big hitter, I still hit 300 at 80% rather than...
I usually try and look at the feedback on eBay... sometimes i get good deals like this and have never been taken as long as i pay attention to the small things! Also, paypal is the only way to pay since it can save your butt!
I would have to say that the Oakley's I bought last summer were my first, but not my last pair of Oakley's I will buy. I started out with the GasCan's because I liked the designs, they did a good job of keeping wind out of my eyes with my allergy problems that are caused at the beginning and end of the midwest golf season. I bought a pair of Flak Jacket XLJ's this season, and I love them as well... I have a smaller head and face for a 6'4" body, but those both seem to...
Amen to that! Need i say more!
I think that you should consider both seriously, since the option 2 has much newer clubs, but option one comes with a sand a lob wedge... The adding of a sand and lob wedge to your bag is better than not having one at all. If you hit the Pings with the red dot, make sure you like a flat club. I am 6'4" and I had my clubs 2 degrees upright, i dont have a flat swing so those clubs wouldnt fit me correctly. I think both sets are nice, but you would have to spend more...
Really a solid tip to help a high handicapper shave a few strokes off... Great Link!
I usually try to find a brand of clothing that fits me and stick to it... especially having comfortable clothing on a hot humid day in the midwest. Some of those days makes it uncomfortable to swing in a thick polo. I usually try to stick to the Dri Fit shirts! I have the problem of really long arms, so most of my sleeves are short on me and really baggy around the chest.
26, and have been playing since I was 12... still cant putt for my life!! lol
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