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Irons:  Ping Eye 2 BeCu original grooved clubs (1 thru lob ....... not all in bag) Hybrid: Ping G25 - 20 degree Woods:  Ping Anser Driver and 3 Wood Putter:  Ping (several, depending on mood)   I am a putz but love this game.
FIGJAM ......... always.
I love Langer's talent but his game bores me to death.  Just my thoughts ....... great golfer.
 Well said and fairly presented.  Totally agree.
I dislike slow play but Ben would make me tolerant in that hat!
I saw the interview in real time.  My take was that the interviewer was intimidated by Tiger.  Tiger was still in the heat of battle ..... hoping for a playoff.  He wasn't very happy but put on for the networks.  Tiger's easy to read, so hence the criticism.  Overall, he was still involved.
Regarding Phil:   I really believe his arthritis is affecting much more than we'll ever know.  As an older guy, I can attest to this.  I wish him much success, regardless.
Tough crowd here!  I'd hate for you guys to critic my bod.   6'-3", 230 lbs., 38" waist, 32" inseam, 46" chest ........... and not so good looking. 
I must be honest.  Mickelson and Woods ........ in that order.   I'm very tired of Phil and his cheerleaders.  Tiger ....... well Tiger's digging his own hole.
My thoughts exactly.  
New Posts  All Forums: