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Fred Couples -13 Ryan Moore -12 Freddie Jacobson -12
My mashie is pretty solid out of the junk. Beware if you get one and regrip it, the shaft is oversized. 
I look first at brands that have reputations of quality, and sample those brands offerings until I find what works for me. My set is a hodge-podge. Ping driver, cobra woods, cleveland hybrid, bridgestone irons, scratch wedges, and a scotty cameron. Branding is a factor, but I try not to hold much bias between major brands. Although I do find Taylormade's advertising and marketing obnoxious, and am therefore biased against them...slightly.
After a terrible tee shot with a 3 wood which left me with 215 yards in to a (embarrassingly) short par 4, I'm sitting halfway down in some medium rough 215 yards from the green. I pull 5 wood, visualize the shot, and smoke one. It's a tight baby pull fade down the left side right up the pipe, runs up pin high, simple 2 putt par.
My thoughts exactly. He's from the area and I remember walking in to a LGS and seeing a sign posted near the registers explaining how Ryan got a contract with Adams, because it seemed to stir up chatter at the golf shop. I'd imagine it takes a level of restraint most men don't have when that many zeroes are in play. 
Ryan Moore has a wacky swing, too.
hitting irons good not hitting woods very well and then vice-versa
haiku thread is back put on those thinking caps, guys golf poetry rocks
Trap draw, punch fade, etc. "skanky little shots"
It all depends on if he can make his 5HE last through the weekend.
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