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I've got to go with Spieth.  His "will" to win is amazing.  He always seems to find a way to put himself in a position to be near the top where Rory seems to either blow out the pack or be no where near  the top.
Thanks for the info guys!  I was thinking about trying to get practice round tickets when we get out there because it would be a blast to watch some of these things!
Thanks for the info!  Someone else also told me we should spend some time at Amen corner so I think that spot is definitely going to be on the list. 
Thanks to a good friend who is giving us tickets my dad and I are headed to The Masters this year!  We will only be at the tournament on Thursday and I'm looking for advice on any must do's/must see's while out there from anyone who has been or may live in there area???  We are flying in to Columbia, SC on Tuesday morning and playing golf on Wednesday so we actually don't have a ton of free time but is there anything we absolutely have to check out while in the area or at...
I've played more than I ever have this year and when I'm not real busy at work during planting and harvest I have been trying to play once per week and sometimes twice but not very often. I work full time in agriculture.
About a month ago or so I was playing with two friends and we were in a fairway with a dog leg left and the group in front of us was on the green about 200 yards away. I couldn't see the green but my two friends could and they said I was clear to hit. I pulled my hybrid which I typically hit about 180-190 and hit it just perfect. My two friends looked shocked and yelled at me that I needed to go apologize because I just hit right into the group on the tee....I felt...
I have done it but never actually printed it off. Are you saving the image as a power point and adding your distances to that?
Wow thanks for all the responses guys! Right now I always have the ball just inside my left foot (I'm a righty juts to clarify) with my driver and more centered with all the other clubs. I'm going to try shortening up the backswing first and maybe moving the ball a little further back in the stance. I do struggle and feel much less comfortable with longer clubs, I'm not a very big guy, only about 5'6" and the wedges and short irons just feel so much better to me. I hit...
No not really. I actually tell myself to slow it down to try not to "kill it" But I do have a pretty slow, deliberate backswing that I'll try and shorten up. Thanks for the tip!
...I know this is hard enough with a video and basically impossible with out one but anyway....I hit my irons, and even my rescue club pretty darn straight most of the time but all the sudden I have a pretty nasty slice with my driver and I can't for the life of me figure out what I am doing. I know I just need to go take a lesson and have someone look at my swing but any suggestions or things to try to fix this??? Thanks!
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