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Well clearly posting a swing video without actually hitting a ball was a mistake, so lets all just withhold judgment until I get a new video from the range up.
Here's a video of my swing with a 9 iron and driver, each from two different angles and in regular and slow motion. I feel like I have a fundamentally solid swing, but I would very much appreciate some outside input. Thanks! -Austin
I've never liked the look or feel of hybrids...I hit my 5-wood great, wouldn't trade it for anything.
I've found that one club per 10 yards of elevation is a good rule of thumb.
Congrats man! Always a satisfying occasion.
It seems like older guys are the most likely to be rude towards younger college kids.
I used to have a membership as well, but when the weather only cooperates for half of the year it seems smarter to just pay greens fees during the season.
Yeah, I only hit the ball about 220 - 250, and I shoot in the 70s reasonably frequently.
I've shot 1 or 2 under on 9 holes a few times, but never on 18. My best 18 hole round is 1 over.
New Posts  All Forums: