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Would trying a larger grip help to keep the hands a little quieter as well.  I suffer from the same problem.   Thanks!
Just a suggestion, I have started using the PINg K15 woods.  The heads are big and forgiving, which has made the use of fairway woods much easier for me.  The larger head definitely makes it much easier.  You might give it a try.  I started with the 7 wood; maybe its not what the big-hiters use, but I tell ya its real easy to hit and get up in the air.  Distance is good too.  Once you get good with it, work your way down 5 to 3 wood.    Again, just a suggestion.  I...
    Question, I have a 4W I want to put a new shaft in.  I really dont like the stock shaft.  Can I take it into a store with a simulator and can they determine the best shaft for me?  I assume most places have a variety of shafts to try?   Thanks!  
I agree...I'm curious as well...
Thanks for the info...my swing speed is bewteen 90-95. I knew the shaft had a lot to do with how high the ball went; I just thought the 9* head woudl keep it down. Sounds like all it does in this case is lessen the forgiveness. The 13.5* I have goes pretty far but just too high. I sure like the way the ball soars though which is why I was trying to stick with the V2.
Ruckus, doesn't sound like you cared too much for the 9*/BB combo huh?
Is a V2 with a 9* loft and a blueboard regular flex shaft going to produce a pretty low ball flight. I have a 13.5* with a regular ping shaft (it was cheap in the trade in bin) and it goes a mile but obviously real sky-high! I was wondering if the 9* with the blueboard would be too much in the oposite direction and more for a lower-handicapp player. Thanks for the help!
Curious too!
Im curious myself as they seem to get pretty good reviews...
Like mine so far; I also replaced a burner. I was hoping for a little more distance but that will probably come with time as my swing gets better! Looks bad-ass as others have said and I like the sound a feel.
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