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i am glad i found this thread. I been practicing / playing 5 - 6 days a week plus I work 8 - 5 monday thru friday. Since mid May I been getting to the course around 5:30 every night and staying till dark; it's the best time to use the practice range and get 9 holes in. Now I feel completley burned out and my game is suffering. I'm at a point where i can't grind anymore.   The season is winding down anyways. Less daylight to work with after I get out of work and soon...
Outside of an instructor, i think the best training aid is alignment rods / sticks. Multiple drills can be performed and they are cheap.
You know how Nicklaus always moved his head a little bit to the right as he was starting his backswing; were his eyes always focused on the ball while he did that or was he watching his club head to ensure his path was going the correct way?
Oh crap, I think the wrong video is coming up!
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 13 My typical ball flight is: right to left The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat, thin an top shots Videos: Do I have a reverse pivot?
Yep, i been struggling with an over the top path of late but last night my partner commented that my forearms were bulging at address and told me to waggle and loosen up before my swing. Once I did that I was seeing more consistent golf shots, even got the fade going again.
Can too much tension in forearms cause a steep downswing leading to thin, fat, topping and pull hooks?
It's possible that even though I am set up to swing out to in I could be swinging more right than left? I wish I had a video to post but thank you for your feedback.   John
Does anyone have an idea why my fades have turned into pull hooks? I have been more conscious of my grip and not drastically setting up left but the ball still seems to star left and curve even more left. The shots also tend to come off low to medium launch angle. Before my intended shots would start left of target and spin back to the left side or middle of fairway leaving me with clear shots to the green.
I get really suspicious of those guys that say "I'd be a scratch golfer if I played more" and then they love to tell you how to swing the club. That same guy usually shoots a 120 for 18 holes
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