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Greg Norman makes a stay dry spandex style shirt. I have one I bought off eBay. Really comfortable and fairly cheap.
Try the Bridgestone TreSoft ball.
I think Rush is really improving! What's up with the excessive chest  thumping though?
1 back. Let's Go Tiger!!!!
Sweet! I have some of the orange e6's. I think different colored golf balls are a nice break from the norm !!
I like logo stuff. Looks better than a plain bag or apparel to me. But to each their own!!
Just bought a Nike NDS 3 Iron off eBay to go with my Ignite2 irons.
Such hostility towards Tiger! I got it, LargeMarge is actually Tiger's Ex-Wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Explains a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
He Tweeted about it last night!! Thought he was joking!!
Now that is a group to watch!! Go Tiger!!
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