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I bought 4 dozen off ebay last year when I started playing again for around $30 shipping included. Good ball to start with, just a little hard.
OGIO Kingpin
It's Tiger's choice where he plays, get over it!!
Guess he switched at the beginning of the season.
Try a Bridgestone TreoSoft if you want a 2 piece ball. I recommend the Bridgestone e6, it's a 3 piece ball that reduces hooks and slices. Only cost $27 a dozen and you can find last years model for cheaper. By far my favorite golf ball!!
  Not just dumb, but bad business!! The people who got the giftcards got off easy and the people who were actually there at midnight got the shaft!!
All funds should be donated to veteran funds or whatever, I agree. I like the look of the grips, so I bought one for my putter and it looks sweet.
How can you not like Boo?
Rory, Westwood, Sergio, Montgomery
New Posts  All Forums: