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Like my Nike irons
15/20 flew perfectly from 125-135 yards. The other 5 were skulled which went 130++, and fat which went 90-100 yards. Thanks for the replies.
I made a video of my swing and noticed is was really slow looking. I'm hitting my PW 130+yards. Don't know if this is average or what. What can I do to increase my speed or should I leave it alone?
Mickelson is an awesome short game player, we all know this. I'm not questioning his decision at all. I recently got his short game dvd, well worth the money. Not much he can't do with an iron in his hand!!
Pitching wedge is my favorite also, but I've always heard to start with the 7 iron.
My Golfing Buddy!! My Daughter, the next LPGA Star!!!!
Start with a 7 iron. It's supposed to be the easiest club to hit and work on your swing. You can buy a starter set of clubs for fairly cheap at Dick's or any big box store.
Try mbgolfinsider.com/. It ranks the courses and has links for lodging and package deals.
  Thanks, Now I'm going to have NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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